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This Day in Music – May 31, 1972 – Happy Birthday – Christian McBride!!


Jazz Bassist Chrsitian McBride celebrates his 42nd birthday today.!Christian McBride was on May 31, 1972 in PHILADELPHIA, PA!….From Wikipedia…

….His father, Lee Smith, and his great uncle, Howard Cooper, are well known Philadelphia bassists who served as McBride’s early mentors. He is regarded as a virtuoso, and is one of the most recorded musicians of his generation, having appeared on over 300 recordings as a sideman. He is also a 3-time Grammy award winner.Full Biography

As is the case with many newer jazz artists, I only discovered the very talented Mr. McBride last year! Below you’ll find several posts that I’ve written since September about the fantastic Mr. McBride! Happy Birthday – Christian McBride!!

Christian McBride
From the Archves
Sunday Morning Jazz from the Christian McBride Trio – Out Here      ChristianMcBrideTrio_OutHere So yesterday I was browsing around for new releases and came across bassist Christian McBride’s latest from his Christian McBride Trio, Out Here. I gave it a listen and I now have a new jazz artist’s music to explore, because the album is great. The trio consists of McBride on bass (duh), Christian Sands on piano, and Ulysses Owens, Jr. on drums. READ MORE People Music – from Christian McBride and Inside Straight

People MusicThis morning I was in jazz mode and listened to the Christian McBride & Inside Straights release People Music. The album was released in May of this year. Inside Straight has everything I enjoy in jazz, lively vibes from Warren Wolf, piano from Peter Martin and smooth saxophone from Steve Wilson, All supported by the solid bass lines of Christian’s bass and Carl Allen;s drums.on the majority of the songs. On a few of the songs the piano duties are manned by Christian Sands and Ulysses Owens, Jr. handles the drums. Both are considered members of the Inside Straight family.READ MORE

Late Night Jazz from Russell Malone, Christian McBride and Benny GreenChritian, Russell, BennyOk so after writing about Christian McBride tonight, I was looking around YouTube and I saw this video of a performance of one of my favorite Wes Montgomery tunes, “Jingles”! The trio performing it was composed of Christian McBride on bass, Benny Green on piano and Russell Malone on guitar. I have recently learned a little about Christian McBride but I don’t know much about Malone or Green. Anyway,I watched the video and I was floored! Malone is outstanding on guitar as is Green on piano, but the driving force behind the whole 14 minutes on the tune is the phenomenal bass playing of  McBride!1 He just doesn’t stop!!READ MORE
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