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Life’s Soundtrack – Some Seldom Heard Folk Songs in the Morning (Video)

One of the downsides of listening to so much new music is that I don’t have or should I say, take the time, to listen to older music, i.e the music already in my music library. So this morning, I took the iPod with me on my trip to Target,here is the soundtrack that accompanied me……it started and ended with songs from Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer – good stuff…..

Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer

1. “Gentle Arms of Eden” – one of my favorite tracks from Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer. What a shame that Dave left us so soon!

2. “I Know it’s Love” – Lynn Miles – I don’t listen to Lynn’s music often enough, note to self check out her latest album –

3. “Uncle Dudley” – Paul Siebel Me, Myself.Music and Mysteries post

4. “Paper Bag” – Driftwood Fire – I saw tonight I never wrote anything about this album – time to re-listen!

5. “Mirrors” – Eric Bogle

6. Keep a Good Man Down” – Rob Lutes & Rob MacDonald (Rob Lutes Bravest Birds, Truth&Fiction posts)(

7. “When My Tears Break Through” – Greg Trooper  (Incident on Willow Street, Between a House and a Hard Place posts

8. “Migrant Mothers” – Ben Bedord (What We Lost, Land of Shadows posts)

9. “The Heart of the Working Man” – Tom Russell

10. “Veteran’s Day” – Tom Russell

11. “Frank to Valentino” – Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer

12 “The Power and the Glory” – Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer

Here’s the late Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer performing “Gentle Arms of Eden”…..


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