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The Old Runner Gets Going Again… with Music from Ontofield …Sleeping with Fractals!

So Tuesday was fairly hot here in New Jersey and then yesterday it cooled off a little, and the fair weather runner inside me said yes today is the day!!Checking Runmeter on the iPhone I see that with half the month gone this is my first run in May, My last run was April 28th, that sucks, I should be ashamed of myself! Anyway I did feel pretty good yesterday so I did some light yoga stretching and took off. I felt good through the first two miles and averaged 10:06 per mile, then I slowed down over the 3rd mile to 10:38 pace and held on over the last mile 11:11 pace! Overall, the pace was right at 10:30 which again for almost 63 years old ain’t too bad. The main problem getting two or three days a week in is that I work Friday and Saturday so I don’t really want to run on those days and then on Sunday I’m tired from the two previous nights and we’ve been going to Paulsboro to see Oliver, Andrew and Meaghan so I put off running and convince myself I’ll go Monday and then I put that off and end up with one day a week. I really need to look at and figure out a schedule so I can get three runs in a week!!

Sleeping with FractalsThe sound track for the run was some Neo Prog from the 2013 release from Ontofield Sleeping with Fractals! Ontofield and its music was created by John Graham, who had the original idea and wrote, played, sung, programmed and recorded all of Ontofield’s music to this point in time! Ok so you have to listen to this album and then think that John did this all by himself to get the magnitude of his creation, which I’d say is pretty awesome!! As I ran yesterday, I heard some pretty awesome guitar riffs and I hear them now on the track “The Key” .and the title track “Sleeping with Fractals” is pretty great too!

Not only did Graham create the music of Ontofield he also created the word.From the Ontofield website…..

Ontofield is a made up word that was created from the idea that we all create our own realities. The “Ontofield” is a description of the collection or “field” of possible and potential realities that surrounds us all, from which our own little “realities” are drawn together and so, “exist”.

There are a number of themes that are very prevalent in Ontofield’s music. These are based around exploring what we come to feel is our own “reality” and why we exist in the first place. Also, the pervasive dominance of belief in our lives and how these things are manipulated by ourselves and others. How these things restrict and limit us in our perception of ourselves, our potential, other people and the reality that we think exists around us. This and the scale of deception and the “Manufacturing of Consent” are sources of endless passionate interest, at least they are to Ontofield….Read More

From a review of the album by PH at ProgArchives…..

Ontofield has arrived! If you appreciate the likes of Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, 10 cc, Marillion (Fish era), Pendragon, Transatlantic, Morphelia, RPWL and Frost, then you should find much to enjoy in John Graham’s musical performance. It contains over an hour of eclectic charm and ranges from numerous pieces of sublime fragility to harder hitting sections. Fabulous synths intertwined with quirky rhythm section and concise cello. Agile guitar style can remind of Steve Vai. On the whole content is fairy enticing yet explosive, mixed with various sound effects. Full Review

I’m listening to another great track “My Machine” I think I just go to this track at the end of my 43 minute run last night!!

Ok so the bottom line check out Sleeping with Fractals and while you’re at it check out what fractals are! Here



Here’s the opening track from Sleeping with Fractals….”Moon Handed”   a little Floyd sounding, eh??