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New Age – Healing Music from Michael Brant DeMaria – The Maiden of Stonehenge!

The Maiden of Stonehenge
Michael Brant DeMaria

So the other day I was browsing through the Zone Music Reporter’s New Age Top 100 Radio Air Play chart and I spotted down at #87 an interesting looking album titled The Maiden of Stonehenge by Michael Brant DeMaria. Not knowing anything more about the album, than that it had both an interesting title and a cool cover (there I go again dating myself). I downloaded it on to the iPhone and gave it a listen. As soon as I heard the flute on the first track “Lost Village” I knew that I was going to like the album and I was very, very correct!!

So then I started to research the album and Michael Brant DeMaria and what did I find. Another one of those people who REALLY have it all together!! (Unlike me who has little pieces scattered all over the place!) From his biography at his website:

Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria is a psychologist with over 25 years of experience in helping guide others on their life journeys. He has published and presented numerous papers on the role creativity and spirituality play in the healing process nationally and internationally. Michael DeMaria is the author of Horns and Halos (1992), Ever Flowing On (2001) and the book of poetry,Moments (2008). His passion for philosophy and psychology started at a young age having graduated with degrees in both as he turned 20, while also achieving the outstanding student award the same year in the department of philosophy, art and religious studies. Dr. DeMaria then became the youngest recipient of a Ph.D. in the clinical psychology program at Duquesne University, where he studied in the graduate programs in psychology, philosophy and The Institute of Formative Spirituality Continue Reading

Sooo.. I graduated with a two degrees too – one in Political Science and one in Education – and then went to work for a civil engineering company??? Right – top that!! Hey Michael I think I need some help figuring out my journey and you better hurry, cause the remaining part of the journey keeps shrinking faster and faster!! But back to Michael, so he’s a psychologist does that make you a good musician – maybe not but I guess he may be an okay musician – then I read……..

Michael Brant DeMaria has been something of a phenomenon in the healing/new age music realm with four consecutive #1 albums on the Zone Music Reporter charts, three Grammy Nominations for Best New Age Album, and several Album of the Year awards in the Native American, Ambient, Relaxation/Meditation, and World Music categories!

Whoa- yes Mr. DeMaria you can do it all!! Here’s so background on The Maiden of Stonehenge….

….The Maiden of Stonehenge, takes his music in yet another direction. The music is the soundtrack to a play by the same name written by DeMaria and Stephen Lott, (who also co-wrote the play Siyotanka several years ago). This time the play takes place in ancient Britain and tells the story of the coming of age of Teagan, a young, disfigured orphan girl abandoned and left to fend for herself. Her journey takes her across the mythic land where she meets wild and wondrous creatures while discovering the healing powers of nature, water, and her own voice.Continue Reading at Mainly Piano

The music on the album and the overall vibe of the album is great and is meant for healing and yoga meditation, etc.. Now this is the third album that  I have listened to over the last several weeks of this type. The other two were Get Tribal’s Gods of Drum and an album from Ahilah called Warrior that was recommended to me by  reader, Kevin Thiessen, from AsZension, who was involved in the production of the album. Now my mission should I choose to accept it…..(this post will self-destruct in ten seconds – damn you ADD!) is to do meditations over the next week or so using tracks from each of the albums and record my observations from each to see who does it better the Shamans or the psychologist!! Now let’s see if I can do it! The one thing, I know I will do, is listen to more of the albums from Michael Brant DeMaria!!!

For now let’s listen to a medley of the music from The Maiden of Stonehenge!


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The Maiden of Stonebhenge