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Progressive Metal from NYC’s – Infinite Spectrum – Misguided

Infinite Spectrum

Infinite Spectrum is a progressive metal band from New York City formed by two college students bass payer Alex Repetti and guitarist Alex Raybin soon after they met they began collaborating on musical tracks that laid the foundation for their debut album. After the instrumental tracks had been composed and recorded singer and composer Will Severin joined the party and wrote and recorded the vocals for their debut album Misguided. Everything was assembled and mixed by Grammy Award winning engineer, Chris Theis and the album was released in 2012! According to ProgArchves:


INFINITE SPECTRUM cite DREAM THEATER, STEVE VAI, SYMPHONY X, JOE SATRIANI, RUSH and YES among their influences and describe their style as ‘prog drama’, owing to the many theatrical elements and focusing on story-telling. Read More

Sorry this is so short but it’s back to Target tonight!! I really enjoyed the music, great vocals and story and the instrumentation is well-arranged!! Check them out!!


Here’s “She”  From Misguided.….