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This Day in Music – Brewer & Shipley’s “One Toke Over the Line” Enters the Charts!!

So on this day in 1971 Brewer & Shipley’s “One Toke Over the Line” entered the charts and eventually spent 14 weeks on the charts, and climbed all the way to # 10 during April 1971 (#5 in Canada). I always knew those Canadians knew good music!! Anyway here’s a post I wrote about Brewer & Shipley a while back and I’ll update it with the fact that at the 2014 Folk Alliance International Conference in Kansas City the Spirit of Folk Award. Check it out here! From: July 2012….. Many times artists come into our world spend a little time, while their music because a part of our lives, and then drift away. Many times the thoughts of those artists evoke certain memories of the times and places we were when we listened to their music. One such band or rather duo that fits that description for me is Brewer and Shipley (more at Wikipedia). The duo was a part of my life in my college years and if my memory serves me right I even saw them live at the University of Florida. But since that time, I haven’t heard or thought much about them every once in a while the lyrics of “One Toke Over the Line” creeps onto the iPod in my mind. Somewhere along the way I lost the vinyl for Tarkio Road and I think I had the track of Weeds When I checked out their website today, I see they still are performing and that their début album Down in LA has been released on CD by Cherry Records in the UK. I also see a few albums released after my college years that I’ll have to check out! I know a couple of years ago I checked out Mike Brewer’s release Retro Man and enjoyed it! I also saw some news when I checked their site.  Mike and Scarlett’s house was destroyed when a tornado ripped through Powersite, Mo. in February of this year. You can see the destruction here . They were in the house and made it to th bathroom where they survived!  Mike says they will  eventually rebuild on Scarlett’s mountain! Ok computer just crashed, so let’s wrap it up with some morning music from Brewer & Shipley