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The Safari Explores the World Fusion Music of Get Tribal – God of Drum!!

This morning the Safari decided it was a World Music kinda day, so  checked out the Zone Music Reporter’s Top 100 Radio Airplay Chart.. The first album that caught my eye was at number 3 – the self released album God of Drum by Get Tribal. The title of the album brought to mind the music of David and Steve Gordon, and the name of the band John Densmore’s Tribal Jazz. So I loaded the album onto the iPhone and listened to it while I was doing some shopping, The music was, in a word, mesmerizing! I found my feet keeping rhythm constantly and just totally became lost in the flow. I even had to ask directions out of Wegmans. Not really! Maybe I should have just stopped though and meditated on the music for a bit!!

The album ….

God of Drum is a collection of percussion based tribal music inspired by the thunder deities of world mythology. Ancient cultures revered thunder as the divine element that activated spring’s rebirth. Using drums, they synchronized the heart, mind and soul with the vital life force. Its circular shape offers a mandala connecting the world of spirit to the vibration of intention. Through the pounding of the drum, the heart awakens to its vitality allowing us to achieve higher states of awareness. The ten tracks in this album are designed to stimulate the 7 major Chakras, the Dantien, the Soul Star and Spirit Chakras.

Get Tribal music is a world fusion project from the US, created under the direction of Kari Hohne. Ms Hohne is an author of mythological studies and books about dream interpretation. On God of Drum, according to the Get Tribal website:

…she combines ancient shamanistic drumming patterns and tonal vibrations with modern technology and ethnic instruments to create music with emotional and energetic impact. As the creator of many affirmation apps that have achieved New and Noteworthy status at iTunes, she continues to use sound, music, dreams and myth as a way of connecting with our energetic awareness. of Taoism….. 

Kari, who is best know (not by me) for her work in dream interpretation. Her app Way of Dreams is in the top of the Lifestyle category at Amazon and iTunes, says this about the music…

…. “We live through the messages of Archetypes who embody the unspoken longing of a generation…I write books about dreams and myths and my…compositions are based on Archetypes. I believe music can convey ancient truths to the listener…the drumming/bass lines in my [music] actually move through the body (chakra centers).”

Now I can’t say that the music made its way through my seven Chakras but I did enjoy the album, and I do believe that ar some point it may become back ground music for some yoga. Hum, the album would go perfectly with a nice Kundalini kriya!!

So Check it Out!!


Get Tribal Website
Way of Tao:Get Tribal Music

Here’s a sampling of the music…..