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An ADD Lunchtime Takes Me From The Nutopains to Phil Ochs to Neil Young Covering Phil Ochs!!

NutopiansYesterday, after I posted my blog article about Aztec Two-Step, I received a Tweet from The Nutopians thanking me for the Tweet and saying that they forwarded the post to Rex and Neil. They then asked if I had heard The Nutopians. I didn’t get a chance to respond, but if I had I would have said, no. Later in the afternoon I went to Spotify  and found their album,Lennon Re-Imagined, which is a salute to the music of John Lennon. I listened to a little of the album and thought it sounded pretty good. Duh, the album won the  Independent Music Awards Vox Pop “2010 Tribute Album of the Year” for interpretations of John Lennon’s Beatles and solo compositions! You can check it out at CDBaby!

At lunchtime today, I went to YouTube and found a few videos of the group and started to listen, again, they Phil Ochs Song Nughtdo a nice job of covering the songs. Then my ADD kicked in and I started thinking about people doing shows to keep people’s music alive, and my mind went straight to Sonny Ochs. Sonny has for years been keeping the music of her brother Phil alive with her Phil Ochs’ Song Night shows. Performers on the show include a lot of great artists like Kim and Reggie Harris, Joe Jencks, Greg Greenway, David Roth, and John Flynn. You can check out the complete list here.

Amway I listened and watched the group perform Phil’s song “When I’m Gone” Watch Here. Then I spotted a video of Phil performing the same song, so I went and I watched that one, too.Watch Here  Finally, I glanced at the videos on the sidebar at YouTube and saw a video of Neil Young performing Phil’s song “Changes” at Farm Aid. So I ended finished up my lunch, thinking about how I need to do a Phil Ochs page soon and listening to Neil Young performing one of my favorites songs written by Phil! So let’s go “into the night” with Neil performing Phil Ochs’ “Changes”