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New – Artist of the Day Part 1 – Aztec Two-Step

So here’s what;s new – If you look at the menu at the top of the page you will see that under Folk there is an arrow. That arrow indicates that there is a pull-down menu. The pull down says Folk Favorites. This will be a new addition to the site and will provide individual pages for my favorite folk artists. I have divided them into three time periods my roots (1960-1980), my branches (1980-2000) and leaves (2000 – 2014). As of now there are one page completely done Aztec Two-Step! So as I add pages, maybe one or two a day. I will let you know via Artist of the Day……So today’s first artist is Aztec Two-Step You can check out their page here

And here’s some morning music from the guys. One of my all-time favorites “Baking”