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2014 Jazz from New York native, Jersey City resident Tim Hegarty – Tribute!!

Tim Hegarty’s new album is titled Tribute which was released by Miles High Records on in January of 2014. the album is Tim’s way to say thanks to those who taught him and influenced his playing. Tributees include: Dexter Gordon; Frank Foster ; George Coleman; Jimmy Heath; Joe Henderson; John Coltrane; Sonny Rollins; and Thelonious Monk. After listening to the album, I’d say he done them proud. Currently, the album is lucky #13 on the JazzWeek Jazz Chart this week and rising!

On the album, Hegarty plays both tenor and soprano saxophone and his fine sax is accompanied by the piano of Kenny Baron, the vibraphone of Mark Sherman along with a rhythm section composed of Rufus Reid on bass and Carl Allen on drums.I was pleasantly surprised when on the second track “Amsterdam After Dark” I heard the vibes start to play. Since I didn’t have the liner notes or a CD cover, I didn’t know who was playing them, so I quickly went on-line and discovered that it was Mark Sherman. After the album was over, I did some more exploring of Sherman and listened to some tracks from a couple of his albums. I think that you will be reading more about Mr Sherman here in the near future!!

But now back to Tribute, New Rochelle New York native Hegarty’s first album as a leader. The album tracks include two original Hegarty compositions “Not to Worry”, and ” Low Profile”, four Jimmy Heath songs and on song each from George  Coleman, Frank Foster, Thelonious Monk. I enjoy both the playing of Hegarty and his supporting cast. I was glad that both Baron and Sherman were given ample room to show what great musicians they are, and even Rufus Reid had some opportunity to move beyond his steady bass playing role and have some solo time.

All in all, I think that this is one of the best albums I’ve heard from a sax player in a while, and I know it’s going to send me off exploring the music of both Kenny Baron and Mark Sherman!!

Here’s a little taste of Tribute as Tim Hegarty plays Frank Foster’s “Simone”