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Life’s Soundtrack – This Afternoon an Eclectic Mix and the EYES made it!

So this afternoon I decided that as I was working I was going to listen to a mix of songs based on the first word of the title of the song. So I spun the click wheel back and forth a little then looked at where it landed and saw that it fell on the word Eye…. I went to the first song with I in the title and here’s the afternoon mix ….

“An Eye for an Eye”  – John Mayall – the godfather of British Blues from the album Tough

“Eye of a Stranger” – Mind Key – some prog on the second song

“Eye of the Devil” – Michael Benedict Jazz Vibes – ok here;s an album I forgot about!!

“Eye of the Hurricane” – but I didn’t forget David Wilcox’s How Did You Find Me Here. If you are in the Philadelphia area next Sunday (Feb 16, 2014), David will be performing at the Tin Angel!

“Eye to Eye” – Albert Cummings – damn good blues guitarist!!

“Eye to Eye”- blues woman Susan Angeletti

“Eyes Front” – Jaime Michaels

“Eyes Gently Rolling” – Eric Andersen – twice once of the The Best of ,,,” and then on Violets of Dawn

“Eyes Like a Cat” – Creole String Beans

Eyes Like a Cat” – Joe Walker Louis

“Eyes of Roberto Duran” – Tom Russell – one of my favorites from Russell!

“Eyes Wide Open” – King Crimson

“Eyes of Dawn” – Blind Corn Liquor Pickers

“Eyesight to the Blind” – Blues Harpist Chris Harper

“Eyesight to the Blind” = Pnetop Perkins and Willie “Big Eyes’ Smith

It was a good afternoon of music, that I’m sure all of you can recreate on your iPod!! LOL I listen to several songs from artist that I have not listened to in a long while… and right now I have that Michael Benedict album playing… it’s pretty good – I have good taste, a lousy memory and maybe a music library that’s a little too large…. nah!!

So let’s go “into the dinner hour and evening” with Joe Walker Louis and his version of :Eyesight to the Blind!!