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Crossover Prog from Poland’s Iluzjon – Silent Andromeda!

One of the albums that I’ve listened to over the last week is Silent Andromeda from the Polish crossover prog band Iluzjon (yes, in Polish Illusion is the translation) From Wikipedia:

Grupa czynnie działała w latach 2000-2010. Założona przez wokalistę, klawiszowca, aranżera, kompozytora i autora tekstów – Michała Dziadosza. Od 2006 jako kwartet. Iluzjon w swojej konwencji, w której punktem wyjścia jest art rock, nawiązywał do jazzu, ambientu, popu, hard rocka, rocka psychodelicznego i poezji śpiewanej. W muzyce zespołu usłyszeć można echa takich wykonawców, jak King Crimson, David Sylvian, Peter Gabriel, Marillion. Wiosną 2005 zespół zadebiutował na oficjalnym rynku swoim pierwszym CD zatytułowanym City Zen.

What you can’t read Polish? Yeah me neither, while there is some Polish in my DNA it is a small percentage! So here is the translation!

The Group actively worked in 2000-2010. Founded by vocalist , keyboardist, arranger , composer and lyricist – Michael Dziadosz . Since 2006 as a quartet. Illusion in its convention, in which the starting point is the rock art, alluded to jazz, ambient, pop, hard rock, psychedelic rock and sung poetry. The band’s music can be heard echoes of artists such as King Crimson , David Sylvian , Peter Gabriel , Marillion . In spring 2005, the band made its debut on the official market its first CD titled City Zen .Read More

So we know that ILUZJON was formed by composer and keyboardist Michal Dziadosz. Guitarist Mateusz Ksiazek was an original member of the band but was replaced by Paul Sierakowski (guitars, bass) in 2002. Drummer Greg Nowak joined the band in 2003 and this trio recorded their debut album City Zen. More changes then came with Sierakowski replaced by Slawomir Jaros on guitars. The bass duties went to Grzegoslaw Dziadulinski . This line-up recorded their second album No Phantoms In. released i 2007

Which brings us to the album that I have listened to Silent Andromeda released in 2009 This album features the same line-up with the exception of Marcin Drumew who was the bass player on the album. After the release of Silent Andromedea there were more changes as Jaors left and was replaced by Katarzyna Makowska on guitar, and long serving member Nowak has been replaced by Waldemar Ogrodniczak (drums). Accordng to Prog Archives they may be working on their fourth album and then again maybe not since it’s been four plus years since their last release!!

Anyway there’s some good music on the album and it’s well worth checking out My favorites were “Boundless Ignorance”, “Dark Electron”, “Healing Paths” and “Warning Mood” the closing track.

Here’s the band performing at the ARTus PROG Festival Toruń in 2009