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The Safari has Adventures in Kali City with Karim Baggili

So yesterday when I visited the World Music Chart Europe and listened to the Number 1 album, I also spied an interesting mix at Number 4. The album was Kali City(featuring Trio Joubran) from Karim Baggili. The countries listed after the title and artist were Belgium and Palestine. I gave the album the thirty-second test which it passed with flying colors. I downloaded it onto the iPhone, and listened to it later in the day. After listening and enjoying the Middle East tinged music, I went to Karim’s website where I discovered, that Karim is Belgian of Jordanian and Yugoslavian descent. He is a self-taught guitarist, who started with the electric guitar and then moved onto the flamenco guitar and the Oud, which he acquired in Jordan.

So we have a Belgian, Yugoslavia and Jordan connection, but what about Palestine. The Palestinian connection is though the Trio Joubran. Le Trio Joubran is comprised of three brothers Samir, Wissam and Adnan Joubran. The brothers re fourth generation Oud players. Their family not only play the Oud, but they also are makers of the instrument! The trio performs all over the world. They are masters of the Oud and their harmonies and synchronization are impeccable. I am listening now to their 2011 release AsFar and it is really a joy to listen to. In addition to the Ouds, the percussion on the album is performed by Youssef Hbeich another master!!

Prior to his solo career, which now includes four albums Douar, Cuatro con Cuatro, Lea & Kash and Kali City, Karim played in many groups including Dazibao, Turdus Philomelos, Nathalie Loriers,and Trace. Karim has also acted as composer and arranger for several albums, documentaries and short films!

Kali City  consists of two parts…..

the first with the three Joubran brothers (“graceful, generous and talented”) and the second surrounded by his “Arabic Band” with its traditional instruments (kawala, ud darbuka), Karim Baggili invites us on a journey to the east and this Jordan of which he keeps so many memories…. ‘ Read More 

So if you are like me and enjoy both the guitar and the Oud, check out this album and the work of Le Trio Joubran!! As for me,I want to listen to the early albums from Karim ….

Here is the opening track from Kali City – “Down Town”