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The Safari Explores the Mixing of a Balkan brass band and a Canadian Guitarist – Devil’s Tale!!

If, how much my feet tap while I am listening to an album is a measure of how much I like an album, then I really must love the number 1 album on the World European Charts Devil’s Tale! Because I do not think that those toes did not stop tapping through the entire length of the album!! The album is a union of a Canadian guitarist Adrian Raso and the Romanian group Fanfare Ciocărlia based on their mutual love of the music of Django Reinhardt. Ok so who are these artists and what have they created first Adrian Raso, from his website…..


Adrian Raso is a respected guitarist/composer from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Adrian has recorded two instrumental EPs and six full-length instrumental albums. Black Mamba (2005) showcased Adrian’s stunning versatility and musicianship over a variety of styles, ranging from Gypsy to Latin flavours. Adrian’s work is a fine example of the balance between commercially accepted music that is also readily embraced by the technically minded musician.  Read More

and Fanfare Ciocarlia…. from Asphalt Tango Productions:

Fanfare Ciocarlia are a 24-legged brass beast whose eastern funk groove has torn up halls and festivals across the planet. Their energy and ingenuity having won them fans from Melbourne to Memphis, Tokyo to Toulouse. Having learnt their craft at the feet of their fathers and grandfathers Fanfare’s members proudly approach every concert as a challenge to both entertain audiences and keep the true spirit of Gypsy music alive.

When Fanfare Ciocarlia – the brass orchestra from the “hidden” village of Zece Prajini in north-eastern Romania – take the stage the crowd receive 100% Gypsy music. Zece Prajini’s isolation – situated in a misty valley, the valley’s dirt roads are occupied by flocks of geese and horse and carts; here live eighty Gypsy farming families who live a traditional rural lifestyle dictated by nature’s seasons – meant that under communism the village remained hidden from the outside world. Somehow the ancient Ottoman tradition of brass bands accompanying armies, weddings and funerals continued to exist here when it had long died out in the rest of Romania. And when Henry Ernst, a young German music fan, wandered into the village in 1996 he found a living tradition that he knew the world would embrace. Full Bio…..

What did they create (with the help of friends including legendary guitarists John Jorgenson (Elton John), Rodrigo (of Rodrigo & Gabriela) and rock drummer Kevin Figueiredo (of Extreme) is a fresh sounding album that has risen to the top of the World Music Charts Europe in a matter of days!! Like I said, it’s a toe tapping good time album late leaves you shaking you head too and saying man the guy can play and the music blends so effortlessly . An album that’s just fun. Here’s some press for the album……

“Adrian’s wizardry guitar playing coupled with Fanfare’s infectious
frenetic style makes for a perfect charm.”
  Broadway World 

“If Django Reinhardt had made his way to the Balkans and formed
the Hot Club of Bucharest, the resulting music might have sounded a little like Devil’s Tale.” Express Milwaukee More

Here’s a terrific video for the first track on the album “Urn St, Tavern” Check out  Devil’s Tale!!