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The Safari Rediscovers Serenity from Austria and visits Death & Legacy!!

Back in October I came across the band Serenity, I listened to and really like their current release War of Ages. Yesterday I thought about the band and went back in time and listened to their 2011 release Death & Legacy and  I liked that album just as much as War of Ages, maybe more!! As I am writing this I just put on their 2008 release Fallen Angel.…. sounds just as good. Hard driving metal, good vocals, good guitar, etc… Like I do always when I’m listening to a band like this, I went to Prog Archives to see what they say about the band and  the albums. What i found is that the band is not included in the archives because their music is not prog enough! I’ve heard several bands that are included in the Archives and these guys don’t sound any different to this newbies ears!! Anyway here’s what I had written before about the band…..First from Wikipedia some background about Serenity:

Serenity was founded in Tyrol, Austria in January 2001 receiving “fine reviews” for their first demo “Starseed V.R.”. In 2003/2004, three of the original members left the band. The replacement members were contacted throughout February to March 2004. The band’s next demo, “Engraved Within”, was released in April 2005 and was met with positive reviews from such reputable magazines as Germany’s Metal Hammer. Their first full album, “Words Untold and Dreams Unlived”, was released in Europe on April 27, 2007 and May 8 in the USAand Canada through Napalm Records. The band toured Europe in support of “Words Untold and Dreams Unlived” with Morgana Lefay, Threshold and later Kamelot,

SerenityThe current line-up of the band is…

  • Andreas Schipflinger – drums, backing vocals (2001–present)
  • Georg Neuhauser – lead vocals (2004–present)
  • Thomas Buchberger – lead and rhythm guitars (2004–present)
  • Fabio D’Amore – bass guitar (2010–present)
  • Clémentine Delauney – lead vocals, backing vocals (2013–present)

War Of AgesThe album that was the soundtrack of the run was their current release “War of Ages” which was released back on March 22nd  of this year. The album introduces a major change to the band’s music and line-up. Since the release of their second album the band has toured with various female guest vocalist providing the vocals for the female vocals that appear on the albums. Among the quest vocalist was Clémentine Delauney. During the tour with Clementine providing the vocals the band came to the realization that Clementine’s voice, personality and stage performances brought something special to the band’s universe she and thought should be present on the new record!! I think that they made a smart decision!  Her lead and backings vocals complement and mesh very nicely with the lead vocals of Georg Neuhauser Overall I really liked that album. It has a lot of strong guitar provided Thomas Buchberger and some nice quieter periods sprinkled throughout the album creating an overall  pleasing mix and me a chance to slow down!! So Check Out Serenity at the following sites….

Sources and links:

Band Website: Wikipedia: Serenity Facebook: YouTube: Official SERENITY Channel

Here’s “Beyond Desert Sands ” from from Death & Legacy.Let’s see when I ran with War of Ages it was my fastest mile of the year! Maybe a mix of the band is in order once I start running again!!