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The Safari finds Progressive Metal? in France from Spheric Universe Experience – Mental Torments!

One of the albums that has been on the iPhone for a while now is Spheric Universe Experience‘s 2005 debut album Mental Torments. I had started my explorations of the band’s music with their 2012 release New Ere  and after the fist listen I wasn’t quite sold on the band. So I went back and listened to Mental Torments, which was their highest rated album at the  Prog Archives. I liked that album a lot more. Now I need to explore the two albums released in between number one and number four to know if I’m completely sold on the band!

The band hails from France and their music is labeled at Prog Archives as progressive metal .. well actually…..

…. technical,melodic progressive metal,and can be compared to bands such as DREAM THEATER,PAIN OF SALVATION and FATES WARNING,but filled with an incredible intensity and an original identity of their own.Highly recommended to all progressive metal fans….More

The band’s roots go back to 1999 when  guitarist Vince Benaim, bassist John Drai and a drummer simply known as Sam form a progressive metal band  and called themselves Gates of Delirium and played around southern France. They added what they felt were missing pieces, a keyboardist Fred Columbo and vocalist Alex Now. They renamed themselves Amneysa. Amnesya disbanded in 2002 and Vince, John and Fred went on together as Spheric Universe Experience!! Frank Garcia later joined the band along with a full-time drummer Nic “Ranko” Miller and the line-up that would record Mental Torments was set. That line-up has remained in place from albums one to four with the exception of drums. Drum duties are on albums 3 and 4 were handled by Christopher Briand!
So check them out – like I said I’ll be checking out albums 3 and 4! In the meantime let’s have some afternoon music from Spheric Universe Experience and “Shut Up”  the opening track on New Eve. I’m reconsidering my assessment of the album as I write this!!!