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Today in Music – Jan 29, 1968 – Noel Lorica – Jazz Guitarist and Vet is born!!

Whenever I look down the list of Jazz artists birthdays for that day, I always keep a special eye out for guitarists. Today that eye landed on the name of Noel Lorica. Noel was born on this day in 1968 in Manila in the Philippines.. As an accomplished guitarist and Latin jazz artist he has received acclaim for his playing resulting in 21 Grammy Ballot entries!

From his Biography at All About Jazz…..

….Born in Manila, Noel played in a rock band as a teenager, though his mother urged him to take piano lessons. But his love was always the acoustic guitar. He also loved caring for animals & pursued a career in veterinary medicine. Musicially at that time he got exposed to the music of George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Paul Desmond, and the modern jazz instrumentalists. Leaving the Philippines Noel first migrated to San Francisco then decided to go East. He worked in New York & around Philadelphia. Later moving to South Florida where Latin Beats & Jazz influences were all around. There he found his perfect musical fit with a little Wayward style.He started to concentrate on perfecting his craft through tireless practice and soulful dedication. His music today is an expression of his musical and personal journey.Full Biography

An acclaimed guitarist and a Vet, some people!! Anyway here is a short video about Noel……


I did listen to bits and pieces of his two albums First Dance and Second Glance and they were both enjoyable, probably a little smoother jazz than I normally listen to, but there is a time and place for all good music!! Here’s what CDBaby says about First Dance…..

Jazz music aficionados will recognize acoustic guitar harmonics and fingering technique as something only few master, add smooth Latin beats & Asian precision making this an extraordinary and beautiful album.

Here’s the link to CDBaby and to his Facebook page. So check out his music and let’s all say “Happy Birthday” to a fine guitarist and Vet!!

Here’s Noel performing the song “Warms Winds”…….Oh,that we could actually feel them!!