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The Safari – meets Philadelphian, Chicagoan, New Yorker, pianist, organist Ben Paterson!!

So on Sunday while I was exploring the music and legacy of Lester Young, I also listened to the music of a new musician, Ben Paterson. His Trio’s new album Essential Elements is currently,number 4 on the Roots Music Reports Jazz Chart. On Sunday I put the album on while I was reading and I really didn’t notice the album as the first two songs went by, but then the songs and Paterson’s piano playing got stronger and stronger and by the end of the album I was a fan! I listened to the album again tonight and was more impressed the second time around! Now I’m listening to his second release Blues for Oscar, which is pretty good, too. Now, I only have to go and listen to his first album Breathing Spaces! From his biography at his website:

Originally from Philadelphia, Ben spent his younger years studying both classical and jazz music before moving to the great city of Chicago. There he spent years performing and working with the best musicians in town, absorbing the unique blend of Jazz and Blues that can only be found in the Windy City. Now, moving to New York, Ben is poised to bring his unique talents and style to a wider audience, combining hard-swinging grooves and melodic improvisation with an impeccable touch.Full biography

On Essential Elements Paterson covers songs from Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Keith Jarrett and Ray Charles and others, in addition to five original compositions. As I listen I think I like some of the originals the best, particularly “Around the Block”. Joining Paterson on the album are two Paterson’s favorite Chicago-based musicians: Josh Ramos on bass, and Jon Deitemyer on drums.

Here’s what some others are saying about Ben Patersn’s music…..

“On first listen, you can hear why so many people on the Chicago jazz scene are singing Paterson’s praises. His playing is always where it needs to be: one minute sensitive and relaxed, at another moment, explosive and muscular, and always musical.”
–Paul Abella, Chicago Jazz Magazine

“An inspired repertoire… some creative arrangements and reworkings… the first-rate musicianship and the joyful spirit are other reasons why Breathing Space is heartily recommended to fans of piano trios.”
–Scott Yanow, All Music Guide (4 out of 5 stars)

…a monster on the Hammond B3.”
–Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

I particularly like that last quote!  From his website…

….Ben’s own organ group blends hard swinging jazz chops with blues and funk influences, creating a sound that is hard not to like, and impossible to ignore.  This group recently performed at the 2013 Chicago Jazz Fest, receiving a standing ovation,

….Also keep an eye out for his debut Organ record scheduled for release in Summer of 2014.

I think I will keep an eye out for that album….. But for now let’s go “into the night”with  “On the Move”  from Ben’s album Blues for Oscar……