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Originally posted: May 23, 2o13 at Me, Myself,Music and Mysteries

Friday night on my way to work at Target, I had the iPod  on random shuffle and Knght Area came on today would be a good morning to re-explore the day I first listen to their music!!

Yesterday was a Blues and Prog Rock day I. started the day listening to the new album Seesaw from Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa. This was my first listen to the album and. I liked what I heard!  Beth Hart’s strong blues voice and Joe’s powerful guitar are a perfect match! This album will get played a lot over the next  week!

Next up were a couple of tracks from a blues album that I’ve been listening to lately Knockin’ Around These Blues from John Primer and Bob Corritore. You’ll be hearing more about this album in the next week! After those tracks I switched genres and countries and went down under and listen to a Prog Rock band from Australia Eyefear. The album that I listened to was their 2012 release The Inception of Darkness.Eyefear is labeled as a Progressive Metal band. While I wasn’t paying close attention to the album, i did enjoy the music. You can read some reviews Here

After a frustrating lunch where my keyboard had a mind of its own and would not stop typing extra letters so I could not even sign into my blog, I traveled to Scandinavia, where I met a band Karmakanic and their 2011 release In a Perfect World. This was a really good album and when I went to the Prog Archives to check it out, I discovered that the band was founded in 2002 by Jonas Reingold the bass player for The Flower Kings, one of my son, Andrew’s favorite bands! Anyway there was a lot of good music on the album that will be listened to over the next week or so!

Nine pathsThe last album that I listened to may be my favorite of the day Nine Paths from the band Knight Area. Knight Area is a Neo-Prog Progressive band from The Netherlands. The band was founded in the 90s by keyboardist Gerben Klazinga who shuffled players in and out of the band and it wasn’t until 2004 and the release of the album The Sun Also Rises that people began to pay attention to them as a band!! What I heard was a great band and album with lots of great guitar and keyboard playing!

Knight Area 2

The musicians on Nine Paths include:

Gerben Klazinga / keyboards
Mark Smit / vocals, backing vocals
Mark Vermeule / guitars
Gijs Koopman / bass, Moog Taurus pedals
Pieter van Hoorn / drums

 So it was a good day musically, and a shitty day for the computer. The reason that I didn’t post this last night was at the end of the night, the computer was moving so slowly that I could literally type a line of text and then wait until it appeared on the screen!!

So now this becomes morning music! Here’s the official band video for “Wakerun” from Nine Paths!