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The Safari Explores Jam Bands and Finds Asheville’s – Brushfire Stankgrass – Microclimates

So yesterday I visited a music chart that I had looked at for a while, the  Jam Band Chart at i found was that while I had not listen to Jam Bands per se I had listened to several albums the were on the chart including the No 1 album Anders Osborne;s Peace. As I looked down the list my eyes stopped quickly at the No. 2 album Microclimates from Brushfire Stankgrass. I thought both the band’s name and the album’s title both sounded interesting. So I put the album on the iPhone and took of to explore some woods up in Lambertville. NJ Now southern New Jersey is fairly flat but once you leave the center of the state and head toward the northwest corner of the state the terrain gets a lot steeper and I was thankful that the snow stopped and there was no ice or snow on the hill that the car had to climb to get the site, otherwise I don’t know of the car would have made it!!

But these hills of New Jersey are probably nowhere near as steep as those Brushfire Stankgass’ home state of North Carolina. An Asheville based band plays whar they call, on their Facebook page”Grass powered techno boogie” or  “modern mountain fusion”, they create their unique sound by Mixing analog electronics with bluegrass backbeats. The result is a music that appeals to both bluegrass/new grass buffs and electronic music fans! The founding members of the band are brothers Ben and Will Saylor who play banjo and guitar. They have been making music since the tender age of three! The rhythm section of the band Micah Thomas on drums and Daniel Iannucci on bass.Microclimates is the band’s second release it was proceeded by One for the Salamander. Microclimates is currently ranked #2 on the Relix & radio airplay charts and was named as one of WNCW’s top 100 releases of 2013.

The band kinda’ reminds me of Greensky Bluegrass and that’s a good thing. The album is full of good time, funky music! I know the first time through, I stopped and looked to check out the name of  the third track “Long Gone” when that banjo caught my ear! Then again when:”Down Time” was playing, “Hippies Hornpipe” and “Satisified”  On the second listen I was loving the whole album!!

So check them out at all the usual places,

The band’s website:



Ok so here’s proof that running and music go together – here’s Brushfire Stankgrass performing Moomlight on thr Camp at

….. at the inaugural Bearwallow Beast 5K on Bearwallow Mountain. Conserved in 2009, Bearwallow Mountain represents one of the crown jewels in the Upper Hickory Nut Gorge. Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy’s work combined with the generosity of the Barnwell family has ensured that 81 acres and counting on the summit of Bearwallow Mountain will be permanently protected and publicly accessible.From YouTube.