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This Day in Music – Jan 10, 1978 – Happy Birthday, Jazz Pianist Kekko Fornarelli!!

So on this date in 1978….I was married for three years and was a year  away from the start of several turbulent years, and jazz pianist Kekko Fornarelli was born……from Wikipedia:

Kekko Fornarelli is a pianist and a composer. He was born in Bari, Italy in 1978. He began learning classical piano at the age of three, first through private tuition and later at the Conservatorio Piccinni in Bari.

Fornarelli’s interest in jazz music began at the age of 18. From there on, he has immersed himself in jazz, which has led him to travel worldwide.

He has recorded three albums, Circular Thought in 2005, A French Man in New York (2008), inspired by French pianist Michel Petrucciani in the three years he spent in France.
Room of mirrors was released in 2011 by Auand sound. Alison Bentley writes “I can’t stop listening to the CD: a fusion of Romantic classical music, modern jazz and 21st century dance rhythms, played with Italian brio from the heart.”[1]

and at All About Jazz I read

Kekko Fornarelli is one of the most widely appreciated young pianists internationally. His unique ways of balancing an endless research with universal usability, and his ability to draw the profanes up to that foreign thing called jazz makes him one of the most eclectic and pervasive artists in the current international music scene. His unique style is characterized by its attempt to create music to observe, more than just to listen to. A way to tell stories, emotions and situations……

Then I went to YouTube to check out Kekko’s music and watched and listened to the following……. 

After that I traveled to his website and saw that he is at work on his fourth album and like many artist he is fund-raising to pay for the album. You can visit his page here.

So after reading and listening,I’d like to wish Kekko a Happy Birthday and I am putting Room of Mirrors on the iPhone for some listening tonight. Why don’t you join me and then let me know what you think???