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2013 Blues Guitar from Jeff Jensen – road worn and ragged!!

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So yesterday as I was exploring and writing about the Blues Music Award Nominees for Blues Rock Album of the year one of the albums on the sidebar of the website, caught my attention.because I thought it was very tastefully done…..

roadragged and worn So I went over to Spotify and found the album,road worn and Jeff Jensen, When I looked at the track list, I saw that Brandon Santini and Victor Wainwright played on several of the tracks, now, not only are those two favorites of mine, but they are nominated for 2013 Blues Music Awards! Brandon is nominated for Contemporary Blues Album of the Year for his album This Time Another Year (which wrote about briefly back in March) and as harmonica player of the year! While Victor Wainwright is nominated for the Pinetop Perkins Piano Player award! Now Victor I found about a year earlier in July of 2012 and several of his albums are now in my library!! Anyway all of this made it a no brainer that I was going to listen to the album and when I did I was not disappointed in the least! This is one really,really fine album!! On his biography page of his website the title reads JEFF JENSEN – PRODUCER, COMPOSER, BLUES GUITARIST and I do believe that he excels at all three jobs!! While Jeff has been playing guitar since the age of 11 and had his first gigs at the age of 19 and then fronted a blues band that played throughout Southern California, it wasn’t until after he returned from the International Blues Challenge in 2004 a member of the Blues Foundation the he was driven to form his own band. Since then the Jeff Jensen Band has released two albums “Self-Titled” and I’m Coming Home both of the albums have been well received and made it on to the Roots Music Report Charts and the Lining Blues Charts! The band also performed at the International Blues Challenge in 2005, 2006, and 2007! In 2011 he moved to Memphis and has spent the last two years as Brandon Santini’s guitarist and music director and together they have recorded three albums!!Man, I’m tired of just reading about all that work that has lead up to his latest release road worn and ragged, so I guess that the title of the album is very fitting!! So check it out Here’s what some folks are saying about the album: “(Road Worn and Ragged) is certainly one of the blues highlights of 2013” — Ben Bonin (No Depression) “Road Worn and Ragged enhances the listener with raw connections to a spectacular variety of blues styles on this recording. Extreme creative talents flow with diversity in vocals, lyrics and fresh instrumentation. ” — Mississippi Blues Club “Jensen delivers fluid leads and solos that meld into the rhythms and soars with melodic intent.” — Dave Ruthenbuerg (Living Blues) Read More here So let’s go “into the night hours” with Jeff performing “Raggedy Ann” from the album!!