FreeWheelin' Music Safari

The Safari listens to Tom Carleno’s Perfect Imperfection. (He’s from from Colorado!)

Sometime last week  I was reviewing the Top 100 Radio Airplay Chart at Zone Music Reporter and I only had to go down 4 spots before I found an album that caught my fancy.  That album was Perfect Imperfection by Tom Carleno on Barking Cat Records, so what caught my attention maybe it was the title of the album or the label (we have five cats) or maybe it was just the cover that shows Tom playing a guitar – yeah I think that was what did it. Anyway, it went on the iPhone and I’ve listened to the album and Tom’s guitar wizardry several times since then the latest being this morning and I’ve enjoyed the album more and more each tine! The first time, the first song that I recognized was Tom’s cover of Al Stewart’s “On the Border” and today I stopped work and listened when his cover of “Imagine” came on. It’s not that I didn’t like the other tracks because I did, it’s just that when a song comes up that you know the lyrics to you become more interested in the music, at least I do!
So going to Tom’s website I read that Tom calls Denver, Colorado home and has spent the last 25 years appearing at many venues across the state like,  Swallow Hill Music Association, Nissi’s, Dazzle, The Mercury Cafe and many others. He has played in all three very popular Rocky Mountain Violin Summit concerts at Swallow Hill and has recorded as a session player on several projects, most notably with Danny Seraphine of Chicago.
He is also a is the  guitarist and composer with his acoustic jazz ensemble Perpetual MotionAs a composer, he has won ‘Best Instrumental’ in the 2009 Song Door International Songwriting Competition for his solo piece, “Child’s Play”, and Honorable Mention for the Perpetual Motion song “Por Causa de Você” in the 2009 SongDoor International Songwriting Competition and the 2007 UNISONG International Songwriting Contest.
Tom says this about his compositional style…
My compositional style springs from the use of alternate tunings, which inspires me to look for unique chord voicings and textures. I play with a fingerstyle technique that combines bass, harmony and melody. Other players I’ve been compared to are Michael Hedges, Laurence Juber, Alex De Grassi, Leo Kottke and Tommy Emmanuel, but inspiration for my songs comes from the music of songwriters such as Al Stewart, Brian May and Tim Finn. Trips to tropical locales like Mexico, Hawaii and Belize as well as old horror movies have also inspired my compositions. More at Tom’s Facebook Page
In his spare time, (hah, don’t you hate all that these talented people can do!) Tom teaches guitar… from his website….
Tom Carleno is a highly qualified guitar instructor with over 25 years of teaching experience. During that time he has taught students ranging in age from five to eighty-eight. He teaches beginner to professional level on acoustic and electric and contemporary styles such as rock, jazz, blues, and fingerstyle. Several of Tom’s students have continued onto professional music careers. Read More

 So check out this talented guitarist and composer…as for me I’m checking out that Perpetual Motion! Here’s Tom performing “Meet Me in Maui”  at his CD Release Concert at the Mercury Cafe in Denver, 11/8/2013