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John Hartford – An Americana Original

Today we celebrate the birthday of a great entertainer, on this date December 30th in 1937 John Hartford was born! I say a great entertainer because that’s whats he was, John entertained us. He entertained us with his great songwriting, his infectious smile and his amazing fiddle and banjo playing. He made music fun!  John Hartford was one of the reasons that Glen Campbell‘s show was called the Goodtime Hour!

I go back with John’s music to his early albums. His Gentle on My Mind album is in my vinyl collection and I remember traveling back to the University of Florida with an 8 track tape of the Aereo-Plain album playing.   I never was able to get  “Turn your radio on” out of my head once it wove its way in there!

Here’s one of those early songs. Do you ever think of the series of coincidences that lead you to any place at anytime time, John did! In this song ” I would not be here” So John Happy Birthday, I know you’re fiddling for somebody somewhere today! We just wish you were still here!