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Cameron Milford – Highway Wind



So with song titles like “Cedar Rapids, Iowa”, :”Hiding in Tennessee” and a great version of “Oh, Susannah”, you’d think you were listening to a son of America, when you were listening to Cameron Milford’s new release Highway Wind.  You would be wrong, grasshopper! You would be listening to a son of Australia! Yes, Cameron Milford is an Aussie. From his biography at his website:



Cameron Milford is a singer songwriter from Brisbane, Australia. His music blends the sounds of Americana with modern day Indie-Folk. His songs tell stories of heartache, love and other natural disasters. Milford’s lyrics have been noted for finding “light hearted ways to talk about heavy things”. His music has been compared to the likes of John Prine, Jakob Dylan and Mark Knopfler. Read More

Highway Wind has a lot of good tracks like the ones mentioned above. I also enjoyed “Fast As You Can” which entered the Australian Country Top 20 for 98.9FM back in March 2013 and the closing ballad “Caroline” According to his website:

The recording of “Highway Wind” was an international effort that spanned Brisbane, Nashville, Sydney and Memphis. The recordings began with Milford’s solo performances, and were completed by a stellar group of musicians. These players included Rob Ickes (Alison Krauss, Willie Nelson), David Henry (Steve Earle, Missy Higgins), and Doug Gallacher (Troy Cassar-Daley, Slim Dusty). The album was mixed by Ted Howard (Paul Kelly, Kasey Chambers) at Rancom St Studios in Sydney.

No wonder I liked that dobro I heard throughout the album, it was Rob Ickes! But it’s really the fine songwriting and singing of Cameron that makes this a fun album! And here’s one of those fun songs and an accompanying fun video….”Fast As You Can”… You can check out more videos at Cameron Wilford Music! Check out his version of Oh, Susannah