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D.B. Rielly – Cross My Heart + Hope to Die


Cross My Heart _ Hope to DieOk so tonight I listened to the album that is Number 3 on the 3rd Coast Music Magazine’s FREEFORM AMERICAN ROOTS CHART and Number 17 on the Euro-Americana Chart, Cross My Heart + Hope to Die  from D.B. Rielly. After listening,, I went to his website and saw that yes, HE plays the accordion, and then I read his biography and I knew that I was a fan. Here it is in full!!

D.B. Rielly was born in the hearts and minds of lonely widows. He was raised by traveling vacuum cleaner salesmen and fed a strict diet of Cream of Wheat and Gilligan’s Island until, at the age of three, he was sent off to receive his education at the I Don’t Like Your Attitude, Young Man, Academy of Discipline.


Decades later, realizing he’d never be able to snatch the pebble from anyone’s hand, they “graduated” him. D.B. was unprepared for a world full of choices, opportunity, reality TV, and boy bands, so he wandered – clutching tightly to the only memory he had left: the sound of a Hoover Deluxe 700. It’s no surprise that he gravitated toward the accordion – and is shunned by music-lovers everywhere.

So back on the road he goes. You may spot him hitching a ride somewhere, anywhere you’re headed is fine. You may spot him in a deserted diner trying to look up the waitress’ skirt. But one thing is certain: wherever dogs are howling and little children are holding their ears, you’ll find D.B. Rielly and his squeezebox. View at Website

DBRiellyand at his Facebook Page I read…..

American Roots Music artist, D.B. Rielly was only six months old when, upon hearing Michael Bolton sing, he immediately soiled his diaper and vowed to bring good music back to a starving generation. Since then, he has tirelessly pursued his quest, all the while narrowly avoiding work, debt collectors, and liver failure.

But let’s get serious! The man can flat-out write great songs and here are a few of the awards he’s picked up along the way – which is not that long a way, since this is only his second album……

  • Album of the Year on CHRW 94.9FM’s “Hardcore Country” (Canada)
  • #1 album of 2010 by Wildy’s World (New York)
  • Best Albums of 2010 on KRVM 91.9FM’s “Tupelo Honey” (Oregon)
  • Top 10 Albums of the Year on OTONaMazu Radio (Japan)
  • Top 30 Albums of 2010 by Fervor Coulee (Canada)
  • Debut Album of the Year on CHRW 94.9FM’s “Hardcore Country” (Canada)
  • Songwriter of the Year on CHRW 94.9FM’s “Hardcore Country” (Canada )
  • #6 Songwriter of the Year on the Freeform American Roots chart (Austin Texas)
  • Male Artist of the Year on CHRW 94.9FM’s “Hardcore Country” (Canada)
  • #2 Male Artist of the Year on KPFZ 88.1FM’s “Denim Alley” (California)
  • #2 Male Artist of the Year on KZMU 90.1FM’s “Amarillo Highway” (Utah)
  • Very Best of 2010 (Don’t Give Up On Me) on Radio Osttirol (Austria)
  • Top Song of 2010 (I Got A Girlfriend) on CHRW 94.9FM (Canada)
  • Fave Tunes of 2010 (I Got A Girlfriend) WLUW 88.7FM’s “The Razor & Die Show” (Illinois)
  • Top 25 songs of 2010 (Loving You Again) on MeerRadio (The Netherlands)
  • Top 40 of 2010 (I Got A Girlfriend) WDBM Impact 89FM’s “Progressive Torch & Twang” (Michigan)
  • 2009 International Songwriting Competition finalist
  • 2009 Hossey Music Award winner

Here’s what some people are saying about D.B’s music!

“Rootsy, frequently very funny, witty and cynical (in a Robbie Fulks way), literate and often extremely dark, yet highly enjoyable, Rielly is definitely someone to watch out for.”  — Country Music People magazine

“A rich and captivating amalgam of country, blues, Cajun, Zydeco and everything in between — this is quality, original rootsy music that you’ll want to keep returning to.” — Maverick magazine

“This music has such a southern drawl you can almost taste the citrus marinade. It’s the sort of record that gets you moving from the inside to the out. It’s got a real positive toe tapping appeal, oh yeah!” — FATEA Magazine

Need I say more about this southern boy, who calls New York City home?! I think not, just check out Cross My Heart + Hope to Die – As for me, I have to go find that debut album Love Potions and Snake Oil – (note to self check out CDBaby)

So let’s just listen and watch the video for “Unite Me” from D,B. to us with love!