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2013 Blues – Kim Wempe – Coalition – leads to a night with East Coast Canadian Music and Musicians!

CoalitionSo premiering at number 46 this week on the Roots Music Report is the new album from Kim Wempe Coalition. After giving the album the thirty-second test the fresh voice of Kim sounded like an artist that I’d like to get to know! I downloaded the album on to the iPhone and my initial assessment was correct she is a great sounding new talent!! So let’s find out a little more about Kim, From her website……

A powerful performer with smoky vocals and an undeniable stage presence, Kim Wempe has been tearing up highways and stomping her way across every stage in the country for the past three years. On the heels of her 2010 ECMA win and a 2011 ECMA nomination, her new album ‘Coalition’ (due Sept. 3) is a big, bold, unapologetic leap into a whole new sound

Ok wait a minute what are the ECMAs?? Ok Google here I come…. The ECMAs are awards given by the East Coast Music Association….

The East Coast Music Association (ECMA) is a regional collaboration of people in the music industry of Atlantic Canada. We are a registered non-profit association dedicated to the music of Atlantic Canada. Membership is open to all individuals working in any sector of the music industry or those who support the music industry. Membership includes musicians, artists, agents, managers, record companies, studios, media, related corporation and retailers. The ECMA currently has over 1,000 members.

Damn, Kim Wempe is another of those great Canadian musicians! More from her website…..

.Born in Humboldt, a small Saskatchewan farming town, Wempe lived in Alberta before finding her true home in Nova Scotia in 2007 where she dove full force into the east coast music scene. Off the strength of her ECMA and Music Nova Scotia award-winning 2009 debut “Where I Need To Be,” Wempe caught the attention of Joel Plaskett, Old Man Luedecke, Thom Swift, and Geoff Hilhorst of Deep Dark Woods – all of whom appear on her subsequent release “Painting With Tides.” With producer Charles Austin (Buck 65, Jenn Grant, Tanya Davis) at the helm, it was released in 2010 on GroundSwell Music/Warner Canada and nominated for an ECMA and two Music Nova Scotia Awards.


Touring consistently in Canada for the past four years, Wempe has performed alongside Canadian favourites Royal Wood, Jill Barber, David Myles, Jenn Grant, Rose Cousins, Matt Andersen, and Madison Violet. She has showcased at JUNOFest, the Vancouver Olympics, Canadian Music Week and festivals across the East Coast including the Stan Rogers Folk Festival and Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival.


Her new album “Coalition” is roots-tinged pop/blues influenced by Americana storytelling and gospel melodies. Produced by Newfoundland soul artist Chris Kirby, the album showcases Wempe’s powerful vocals like never before. Supported by an insistent kick drum, alternative percussion, layered guitars, blues organ, and a gospel choir, Wempe’s voice pulls the weight of every song like an unstoppable train.

Several of the names listed above are familiar to me particularly Old Man Luedecke, Thom Swift, Rose Cousins and Madison Violet. Kim is in good company!!

An ADD driven side trip to the archives at the East Coast Music Association was made  to discover what award Kim won. The trip was interesting and turned me on to some really good music!! The first thing that I discovered was a band nominated for the 2010 Bluegrass Recording of the year, the Smokin’ Contra Band and their album Slim Pickins, ya gotta love both those names!!  I headed over to YouTube to check out their music and low and behold like any good bluegrass band there’s a performance of one of my favorites “Rolling in My Sweet Baby’s Arms” You can watch it here!

Then I saw another artist who I recently discovered Duane Andrews. His birthday was November 30th. anyway I listened to some his album Raindrops, that was nominated for  2010 FACTOR Recording of the Year. I definitely need to hear more from this artist!!

Finally, after seeing that Kim was nominated for 2010 Female Recording of the Year for her debut album Where I Need to Be.  I saw that she won 2010 New Artist / Rising Star Recording of the Year for Where I Need to Be!!

To end my explorations, I looked and listened to some of the 2013 winners and nominees including Joel Miller and his jazz album Swim. Good Stuff! Write down his name for future listening!! Joel Plaskett Emergency and his album Scrappy Happiness, from the Roots category The Barra MacNeils The Barra MacNeils Live with Symphony Nova Scotia another album to write down!! Then I found two keepers Larry Foley’s Free and Easy and Dave Gunning‘s No More Pennies!! Can I scream ADD stop it!!

Ok time to wrap it up! Check Out Kim Wempe’s Coalition!! As for me, I have a lot of her fellow East Coast Musicians to listen to!! Here’s Kim performing “The River” from Coalition.