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2013 Jazz from Cuba’s Roberto Fonseca – Yo! (that resonates here in the Philly Area)

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(Twin Sons of Different Mothers and times?)

(tangentially speaking – about the headline the Yo – is usually followed by Adrian ….. here (ADD strikes again)

Checking out the Roots Music Reports Jazz Chart this afternoon, I saw a name that interested me at number 12, right after the Duduka Da Fonseca Trio, was Roberto Fonseca and his latest album Yo. So the question before the house was who is this Roberto Fonseca and what does he play!! YoI download the album from Spotify and only got to listen to it on the way home. Now that is not a good thing because the trip home from work only last about four minutes (note that is one of the reasons that I have worked at the same job for the last 34 years!!) Anyway, the brief listen to the opening track “80s” was really all I needed to hear to know that I wanted to hear more from this artist! After work I listened to most of the album and while portions of it are not really my taste, I did enjoy the album, and who knows in another few months with the way that my taste is evolving, it may be right up my alley!! Anyway here’s some information about Roberto…….

Roberto Fonseca (born 1975, Havana) is a Cuban jazz pianist. From an early age, Fonseca was surrounded by music: his father was a drummer, his mother, Mercedes Cortes Alfaro, a professional singer (she sings on her son’s most recent solo album, Zamazu), and his two older half-brothers, Emilio Valdés (drums) and Jesús “Chuchito” Valdés Jr. (piano) are also two young musicians of great international prestige. After an early interest in drums, Fonseca switched to piano at the age of 8, and by 14 was experimenting with fusing American jazz and traditional Cuban rhythms; he appeared at Havana’s Jazz Plaza Festival in 1991 when he was just 15. Fonseca studied at the Cuba’s prestigious Instituto Superior de Arte, where he obtained a master’s degree in composition, even though he often says that he was a really bad student. After earning his degree, he left Cuba to find his sound…….Read More

And find his sound he did, and along the way he has been instrumental in the global renaissance of Cuban music. Roberto’s music is known for fusing Latin jazz, urban music, and African rhythms with the sounds of his heritage. His first album was a collaborative effort teaming Roberto with Javier Zalba in Temperamento and released En el Cmienzo in 1999. A solo album Tiene Que Ver, followed in the same year, and in 2001 Elengo and No Limit were released, After their release, Roberto concentrated on touring with Buena Vista Social Club and Rubén González, along with producing records for Asa Festoon and the late Ibrahim Ferrer. Since 2007, he has released three more album Zamazu (2007) Akokan (2009) Live in Marciac (2010), and that brings us back to 2012’s Yo. Check out Roberto at AllMusic – here So let’s go “into the night: with “80s” from Roberto Fonseca………..While I have been writing this and eating supper the music of  Eldar Djangirov (No 15 on the RMR Jazz Chart this week) has been playing in the background … this is a young piano player I need to find out more about… damn all together now “Too Much Music , Too Little Time!!”