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2013 – New Age Sounds from David Helpling and Jon Jenkins – Found

FoundSo I made a quick stop at the Echoes with John Diliberto’s website this morning and about all I had time for was to check out the album of the month which is Found from David Helpling and Jon Jenkins. After the visit I went to MOG put the album on and the wonderful music of this duo provided a perfect soundtrack for my morning. I think after listening to Found and reading about the music that the two create and the comparisons to other artist I have another all new sub-genre of New Age music to explore. The good thing is that it ties in very well with the symphonic prog music have listened to and like lately!! Helpling is a self-taught musician and composer for film. One of the films Trade Offs, immersed him in the music of India. The score features several guest artists including vocalist Nidhi Bhatmuley David lists Elliot Goldenthal, Edward Shearmur and David Julyan as his favorite film composers, while U2 and Björk afre two of his favorite musicians, . David has also provided several themes, scores and ambient beds for numerous television, corporate and interactive projects. David says this about composing for television  “Creating music for TV is certainly rewarding and streamlines the process in producing my own music.” Helpling’s  debut release, Between Green and Blue, was a finalist for the 1997 INDIE Album-Of- David HelplingThe-Year award. In 1999, David’s second album was Sleeping on the Edge of the World  

Throughout the years David spent producing music for film, he was also working side by side with fellow artist Jon Jenkins on the album Treasure. It took six years from inception, to the album’s release in 2007. Since that time, Helpling and Jenkins have created a sequel to Treasure, entitled The Crossing, which only took  two years to produce and was released in 2010. Here’s some press about their collaboration.

“Helpling and Jenkins have each released a couple of solo albums, but over the last four years they’ve been formulating a two pronged attack which has been released as Treasure…it sounds great!” – John Diliberto / Billboard, Pulse, Echoes   “The collaboration between Helpling and Jenkins seems a natural one, their styles seamlessly fusing together into an organic sounding release. Treasure is easily one of my favorite CDs of 2007.” – Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

Jon JenkinsHere’s some more from the Deep Exile website about Jon Jenkins…..

Working side by side with recording artist Jon Jenkins, David’s driven pursuit to create the music of his dreams was fully realized with the release of TREASURE. The international success of this collaborative album proves that the combination of these two artists is explosive and limitless. Fearless in their pursuit of the lush and monumental sound that dominates their artistic vision, Helpling and Jenkins pushed forward on their sophomore release THE CROSSING. With all the essentials for an epic musical journey: compelling and expansive multi-layered drum elements, strong melodies over powerful synths and guitars, vast spaces of deep and mystifying ambience, THE CROSSING led listeners to the ends of the earth, and beyond……   As a recording artist, Jon Jenkins sees it as his responsibility to reach out, grab the listeners by the ears, drag them into another world and show them around a little bit. “I’ve always been fascinated by the ability of a good piece of music to stimulate the imagination and transport the listener to another place in their mind without ever leaving their chair.” “Growing up, I listened to Pink Floyd, Genesis, Marillion, Peter Gabriel, and Tangerine Dream because they always made albums to be experienced rather than just listened to; they maintained a nice balance between power and space.” This led Jenkins to begin experimenting with his own compositions. “I couldn’t get enough of that stuff, so I just started to create the music I wanted to hear.” Read More

See I told you there was a definite connection between Helpling  and Jenkins’ music and prog rock!! Anyway let’s get back to the Echoes album of the month Found. Found is…..

The dramatic final chapter of the award-winning three-album series by celebrated ambient-electronic artists David Helpling and Jon Jenkins, “Found” follows the path set by the duo’s genre-defying releases Treasure and The Crossing. Blending cinematic electronics with rock power and spacemusic sensibilities, this release showcases the duo’s unmistakeable sound, highlighted by thundering drums and percussio n, shimmering electric guitars, intimate pianos wrapped in lush synth textures, and a poignant guest vocal by virtuoso Miriam Stockley. Filled with powerful rushes of adrenaline, beauty, loss and triumph, “Found” discovers uncharted territory in the expanding world of electronic music. More 

While I didn’t find anything at YouTube from Found on my first trip through, I did find this fantastic video using the music of Helpling and Jenkins from Treasure A great combination don’t ya’ think!!