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Today in Music – November 28 – Happy Birthday Goh Kurosawa!

Goh KurosawaSo I started this mornings birthday reviews at All About Jazz by looking for a younger jazz artists and one that caught my eye because of his name was Goh Kurosawa. I went to his page at All About Jazz where I read:

”It has been often said that to listen to Goh Kurosawa is to force oneself to abandon any notion of category or genre. While it is true that he flows effortlessly between flamenco, jazz, rock, samba and even classical, it should not be said that Goh has not firmly planted his flag in the fabled land of jazz. It should not be mistaken that he is not a jazz player…Continue Reading

At his Facebook page I read….

In 2009, out of the 42,000 CDs and the 560,000 works submitted from 163 countries, Goh’s composition, HITORI, was nominated and placed among the top six in the category of solo guitar at the Just Plain Folks Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee; the largest music award ceremony of any kind in music history. His album also entitled HITORI, a collection of diverse original solo guitar works, has been brought to global attention by music journals such as ACOUSTIC MAGAZINE (UK). Continue Reading

I couldn’t find any music on MOG but I did find some on YouTube and like everyone I was impressed. Goh has been Top 6 at the JPF Music Awards (Largest Music Awards in History) and a Finalist at the Japan National Finger Picking Day Competition and won Grand Prize at the  Teens Kankodo Music Festival!! Sounds great to me!!

Ok so I did look at another more familiar artist whose birthday is also today and that was Gato Barbieri. However since today is a busy day Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating that holiday today, let’s wait until later to write about him!

For now let’s have some morning music from Goh how about that aforementioned “Hitori”