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Today in Music – November 25, 1986 – Bassist Daseul Kim is Born! Happy Birthday Dasuel!

Daseul Kim At the top of the list of todays’ birthdays at All About Jazz was bassist Daseul Kim who was born on this date in 1986 in South Korea. Kim’s musical journey has taken him from that homeland of South Korea to a new home in New Jersey. After landing in the New York Metropolitan Area, Dasheul is quickly building his reputation as one of the most promising young bassists on the New York jazz scene. From his website:

Exposed early on to traditional Korean music, Daseul quickly gained attention when he was awarded the grand prize in Korea’s National Students Piano Contest at the tender age of six. However, it was not until his third year of high school, when he started to play bass guitar in the school’s band, that he knew he wanted to be a musician. The same talent that gained him national attention as a pianist was then poured into learning the art of the bass. He also began listening to jazz.Continue Reading

RelationshipDaseul’s début album Relationship features Kim’s Trio composed of  Kim on bass, Oscar Williams on piano and Ryan Palermo on drums. As I listened to the album earlier this evening there were times when I said wow, that’s some good piano!! And then there was the flute on the title track relationship provided by guest artist Vincent Herring, Another guest artist, Count Basie Orchestra veteran Marcus McLaurine also helps out on the album and provides the perfect contrast to Kim in an outstanding dual bass performance of Billy Strayhorn’s “Raincheck.” Some say that the group conjures images and sounds reminiscent of the incendiary John Coltrane Quartet! And they have their moments on relationship where they just let it rip!!. So Happy Birthday Dasuel!! I do believe I will be listening to your music for a long time!!