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Life’s Soundtrack – Running Smoothly with Neo-Prog from Wales’ – Also Eden

Also EdenSo back on Monday night (the warmest of this week) I put on my headlamp and ventured out for a four mile run, I created a new route that kept me from crossing or being on any major roads during the run. Overall the run was pretty good and though I always slow down when it’s dark my split times were really not that bad!  Overall the course measured  4.13 miles and my time was 41:48 for an average pace of 10:07 minutes per mile. The soundtrack for the run was  [Redacted] the latest release from a Neo-Prog Rock band that hails from Wales in the United Kingdom

Also Eden are a 5-piece South-West UK progressive rock band comprising vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass and drums. Influenced by traditional progressive rock music such as Genesis and Yes along with the more modern progressive sounds of Porcupine Tree and the Flower Kings, the band was initially formed as a recording project in 2005 by Huw Lloyd-Jones (vocals) and Ian Hodson (keyboards/vocals). With the addition of Simon Rogers (guitars/vocals), Ralvin Thomas (bass) and Mark Hall (drums), the band sound began to take evolve, culminating in the 2006 release “About Time”. About Time has since received many favourable reviews, and the band’s live appearances helped win new audiences both in the UK and on the Continent following live performances at Summers End Festival 2005 and 2006, and ProgFarm (Bakeveen, Holland) in 2006.

And from their website we read….

  Also Eden are a rock band who take their inspiration from a wide variety of artists, including many that have been categorised over the years as “progressive” – Genesis, Yes, Marillion, IQ, Radiohead, Porcupine Tree, The Flower Kings and so on – along with other influences as diverse as Ultravox, The Police and Cream. Focused always on strong songwriting, the band constantly evolves its sound, and the luxury of its own studio enables the organic development of albums such as the “hugely ambitious” (Geoff Barton, Classic Rock) and widely acclaimed 2011 release on F2 Records, Think Of The Children!.

Also Eden Redacted   According to their website the current line-up for the band is: Rich Harding: vocals/guitar/keyboards Simon Rogers: guitars/vocals Howard ‘H’ Sinclair: keyboards/vocals Graham Lane: bass/vocals Lee Nicholas: drums I really enjoyed their music but once again listening to a band for the first time during a run does not do them justice, especially, when it’s dark out and I” have to concentrate more on the road than the music. But I’m sure that the album will get a more thorough listening to over the next few weeks! The one thing that I am finding as I explore Prog Rock one of the su-genres that I like is Neo-Prog there are several bands within that sub-genre that have made their way into my library!! So check them out at the website or at the following locations: Facebook Reverbnation Here’s the band performing “Chronologic” from [Redacted]