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The Music Safari Lands in Carmarthen, Wales and finds Prog Rockers – 25 Yard Screamer

25 Yard Screamer This morning’s soundtrack was a little eclectic, as I listened to two albums at the opposite ends of the musical spectrum. The first was Herb Alpert’s new album Steppin’ Out and at the other end of the spectrum was a progressive rock album from a trio from the UK 25 Yard Screamer. I found 25 Yard Screamer’s name among the new prog rock releases early this morning.. Their new album is titled Something that Serves to Remind or Reward. A quick trip to MOG returned only the band’s 2011 release Until All are One. So that one went on the iphone and played in the background as I worked away, and it certainly made trying to figure out how to get NJDEP approval for our client more pleasant!! A little about the band from the ProgArchives:

25 YARD SCREAMER is a trio based in Wales, UK, and was founded by chance in 2002 when Nick James (vocals, guitars) needed to get hold of some musicians for a showcase gig. Matt Clarke (bass) and Donal Owen (drums) were able to help out; and they hit it off so well that the creation of a band was called for.

Their Facebook page indicates that their hometown is Carmarthen in Wales. Okay here;s a geography time out to discover where in the world is Carman Sandiego? No that’s not right, but it’s where my mind took me!! Anyway, here’s what Wikipedia says about Carmarthen…


Carmarthen (/ˌkɑrˈmɑrðən/ kar-mar-dhən; Welsh: Caerfyrddin pronounced [kɑːɨrˈvərðɪn]) is a community in, and the county town of, Carmarthenshire, Wales. It is sited on the River Towy 8 miles (13 km) north of its mouth at Carmarthen Bay.[1] In 2001, the population was 14,648.[2]


carmethan castle

Carmarthen Castle

Carmarthen lays claim to being the oldest town in Wales but the two settlements of Old and New Carmarthen were only united into a single borough in 1546.[3] Carmarthen was the most populous borough in Wales between the 16th and 18th centuries and was described by William Camden as “the chief citie of the country”. However, population growth stagnated by the mid 19th century as more dynamic economic centres developed in the South Wales coalfield.[3] Currently, Carmarthen is the location of the headquarters of Dyfed-Powys Police, the Carmarthen campus of the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David and the West Wales General Hospital.

Until We All Are One Now back to Until We All Are One, which I am giving a second listen as I am typing – “Jeremiah” the opening track just finished and all I can say is Wow! That was a good one – nice guitar work and a lot or variety throughout the 12 minute plus song!! Actually, I thought I was well into the second song until I heard “Jeremiah” and realized that the first song was still going!! Some more great guitar and now some good drumming from Donal Owen on the second track “All God’s Toys”.  Nick James’ vocals have been strong on both tracks. More guitar on “Whorus”  Ok so I could sit here and write all night about each track or you could just go and check them out for yourself!!   If you want another review you can read one  here at the Sea of Tranquility You can also check out 25 Yard Screamer at: Facebook MySpace BandCamp As for me, I’m on the look out for that new release!! and let’s go “Into the Night” with some live 25 Yard Screamer –  25 Yard Screamer Live @ CRF 2007 Blacklight 2