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An Eclectic Morning Starts with a New Album from Herb Alpert – Steppin’ Out!

herbalpert620x355Talk about an eclectic musical morning I checked out two albums from seemingly opposite ends of the musical spectrum. First I reviewed the New Releases and saw that Herb Alpert has a new album out titled Steppin’ Out

steppi n out

Steppin’ Out includes 16 songs, including a contemporary version of Irving Berlin’s “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” a video for which has just been released. The music has an undeniable charm coupled with an energetic and intricate dance routine choreographed by the Emmy® award-winning team from So You Think You Can Dance, Napoleon & Tabitha D’umo, creating a magical pied piper-like scene. The video features musicians Lani Hall, Bill Cantos, Hussain Jiffry, Michael Shapiro and dancer Vincent Noiseux alongside corps dancers like Kherington Payne and others from So You Think You Can Dance USA, America’s Best Dance Crew, Dancing with the Stars, This is It, and Step Up. The video follows the lead dancer in one single seamless camera shot, without any edits, on a musical journey, motivating everyone he passes to join the promenade. Read More

I gave it a listen this morning and I liked it!! I’ve always liked Alpert’s music and many of his alums can e found in my vinyl collection!! The album has plenty of good tracks featuring Her’s fine trumpet and his spouse Lani Hall provides the vocals!!

So how about some lunchtime music from Herb – here’s Herb with Art Pepper’s “Our Song:

Now I could go to the other end of the spectrum and tell you about 25 Yard Screamer the Neo-Prog and from the UK that I also listened to this morning, but somehow I don’t think that most people would like both. so I will wait for later to write about them!!