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Exploring the Music of Russell Malone – finding Dianne Reeves – together they perform “You’ve Got a Friend”

PlaygroundOk so to honor Russell Malone on his birthday today, I said I would listen to his 2010 release Triple Play. But when I went to MOG, there was a 2013 release listed at the top of his discography, so I downloaded that and listened to it! It was great! I came home tonight and discovered that, the album I listened to was Playground which was actually released in 2004! I don’t know why it’s listed as 2013 unless it has been re-released??? The last song on Playground  is Carol King’s “You’ve Got a Friend” a song that won both James Taylor and Carol Grammys! Now hearing Malone’s guitari instrumental  version of the song was great, but earlier in the day I had watch portions of a video of a performance of the song with Russell playing guitar and  Dianne Reeves providing the vocals. Now I didn’t know anything about Ms. Reeves, but I certainly want to find out more about her! What a wonderful voice, so rich, so soulful. Well I’ll just let you decide for yourselves as we go “into the morning” with the guitar of Russell Malone and the voice and soul of Dianne Reeves and the equally wonderful songwriting of Carole King (her Tapestry album is in my vinyl collection and millions of other people’s collections throughout the world )