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The Music Safari Finds New Blues from New Jersey Native John Ginty!!

So for the last several weeks the Safari has been tracking the blues man John Ginty. His name has been seen on the Roots Music Report’s Blues Charts but so far I have been unable to find his new album Bad New Travels. Last night as I reviewed the Blues Chart again, I saw that Ginty had shifted his position and now was located at Number 4 on the chart! Once again I trekked over to MOG to see if I could spot the elusive Mr Ginty! When I searched MOG, lo and behold, the album was there and the cover that I saw raised my curiosity  level even more, see if you can guess why!!

No it’s not the hat, I know it’;s easy yep it’s the Hammond -3! Then I  last night I listened to a little of the album and I knew I was in for a treat today when I listened to the album!! After being thoroughly impressed by the album, I came home read this quote at John’s website…..

“John Ginty is not only one of the premier keyboard players of his generation, but he is raising the bar for players to come.  With a set as strong as “Bad News Travels,” he is definitely a player to watch!”             Nashville Blues Society 

So who is this John Ginty…….

 Morristown, New Jersey native, organist John Ginty has toured and recorded with artists such as Jewel, Citizen Cope, Santana, Dixie Chicks, Matthew Sweet, Court Yard Hounds, Bad Religion, and he was an original member of Robert Randolph and the Family Band, a band in which he received two Grammy Nominations, as well as a Gospel Music Award for Urban Album of the year in 2003. That same year, John appeared on the Blind Boys of Alabama’s Grammy Award winner Higher Ground. His discography spans over a decade and a half, and demonstrates his eclectic influences and unique sounds on the keys.

My, my his natural habitat is only 75 northeast of my home….and an original member of the Robert Randolph and the Family Band. I knew I have to listen to those guys!!!

But what about his new album which John’s first time out in the center spotlight!  Well, while he is in the center spotlight he certainly brought a formidable cast to help him out!!

“Bad News Travels” also features some stellar guest performances by such notables as Martie Maguire from the Dixie Chicks and Court Yard Hounds on fiddle, Warren Haynes from the Allman Brothers Band and Govt. Mule on guitar, label mate Todd Wolfe on guitar, Florida bluesman Albert Castiglia on vocals and guitar, Brooklyn based blues singer Alecia Chakour, Baltimore big shot Cris Jacobs on guitar and vocals, and John’s long time recording companion Neal Casal on guitar.

So let’s see about half of these folks: Martie Maguire, Warren Hayes, Todd Wolfe, Alert Castiglia, and Todd Wolfe  are in my music library! So putting all these musicians together could only lead to an album that was going to sound great to me – and it does!

Here are a few more places where you spot the subject!


So see if you can track Mr Ginty down and give his music a listen, and so that you’ll have some  what the species looks and sounds like…’s John performing “Bad News Travels”