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Morning Music – New Prog Rock from the Steve Paine’s – Legend – Spirit

Spirit2   So this morning I found and listened to the album Spirit by the Prog Rock band Legend, and on first listen I came away very, very impressed by the band. that, Steve Paine created way back in 1988. The band’s first album, Light in Extension was released in 1990. That album was followed in 1993 with the release of Second Sight and their third and maybe best known album Triple Aspect was released in 1996. Then the band disappeared from 1998 until 2008 when…

LEGEND’s return began in 2008 as Steve Paine and John Macklin made plans to see if anybody still remembered LEGEND and if there was still enough of a Prog Rock scene to warrant reforming the band. To this end Steve Paine re-mixed and re-mastered songs from the bands first three albums, Light in Extension, Second Sight and Triple Aspect, the result was a CD Anthology Ritual Echo released in 2009. Although only a limited run on CD the album proved to be popular and all was set fair for LEGEND’s return proper with a new album. So Steve Paine dusted off his plans for Cardinal Points which were originally conceived in the mid 90s and began a re-write and the search was on for the previous band members. In the meantime Steve Paine also resurrected the original masters from the band’s Playing with Fire concert video from 1992. Originally in the hopes of releasing the original footage on DVD but the project proved too costly. So instead in 2010 Playing with Fire was released for the first time on CD.. Read More

Because of the diversity of the sound and the many influences on their music the band is often compared to a variety of artists including: Jethro Tull, Curved Air, Rush, Clannad, Jefferson Airplane, Nightwish, Loreena McKennitt, Marillion, and Steeleye Span, not to mention, myriad others. Not a bad group of acts to be compared to, eh??? The Prog Archives says: LEGEND transcends such genre categorisations such as Neo Prog, Prog-Folk, Heavy Metal etc. They have a unique sound of their own. And from New Prog Rock Releases – Spirit “contains five tracks of Legend’s unique blend of Prog that combine influences as diverse as Folk, World, New Age and Metal in a spellbinding tapestry of words and music.” Spirit their recently released album, was the album that I listened to this morning…..from their website,,,,

In some respects ‘Spirit’ is a natural evolution from the critically acclaimed ‘Cardinal Points’ in that it retains a theme throughout its five songs. However sonically Legend have moved on again, this album is harder with a distinctly metal edge to many of the songs and the vocal range and articulation of Beck Sian’s vocals add a hitherto unexpected dimension to the music. And if that is not enough the album also features some Choral Sections to add yet more depth to the already epic sound.   In certain paths of western mysticism Spirit is considered the fifth element that which binds the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Indeed Spirit is symbolised by the fifth point on the pentagram. But what does it mean? Spirit: the non-physical part of a person which is the seat of emotions and character; the soul Is one of the definitions from The Oxford English Dictionary and it is this aspect of Spirit that this album explores. The events that forge the character. The situations we all face and that change us all, sometimes for good or for ill but always in ways we never expect. Read More 

Legend PaineThe musician line-up for Spirit is: Beck Sian – vocals Steve Paine – keyboards & bass Paul Thomson – electric & acoustic guitars John Macklin – drums & percussion

Here’s a portion of the Five-star review at the Prog Archives from tsz Airmay a SPECIAL COLLABORATOR Symphonic Prog Specialist at the Archives.

Legend is a band in constant progression, defining their unique sound with every release. I really enjoyed Cardinal Points, one of the finest prog discs in my special collection. With ‘Spirit’, the band has returned with an effort that once again challenges the listener to new heights of appreciation. I immediately noticed a few personnel changes with bassist Dan Nelson, Mr. So & So guitarist Dave Foster and Kerry Parker being replaced by the returning maestro Paul Thomson and new lung Beck Sian, who has a hurricane of a voice and owner of a solid solo career in the UK, ‘imagine a very acoustic Kate Bush meets Loreena McKennitt with just a hint of Bjork / Tori Amos’. As you know, I am a sucker for female vocals, currently in love with Resonaxis’ Brooke Shelley, so keeping the Legend tradition was a blessing with the introduction of such an amazing voice. ‘..Good show! Full Review

Here’s the video for the opening track of Spirit “Leap of Faith”

LEAP OF FAITH – The opener deals with those times whether expected or not, the moment we have to make a decision, one that may alter the course of everything and it is like many important decisions one that is made without full foresight of the consequences. It can be as simple as the instant decision to trust a stranger in need or the choice to begin a relationship, to take a chance. But it is a decision once made that cannot be turned back. Read More

so check them out! As for me, I think I will be checking out their release Cardinal Points!