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Today in Music – Oct 26, 1956 – Vibist Marc Wagnon is born – Happy Birthday Marc!!

Marc WagnonAs I looked over the birthdays today at All About Jazz the first one that caught my eye was another vibist or vibraphonist (it is an either) Marc Wagnon. But then I got distracted by the career of Eddie Henderson and didn’t take time to write about Marc!!


and once again my wife posted this on my timeline on Facebook and claims it relates to me! Now where were we, oh yeah Marc Wagnon – here’s what some folks think about Marc

Forward-thinking composing supported by spectacular musicianship.” John Barron,

“this is an exemplary set that delivers the goods on many levels”, Peter Thelen Exposé Magazine

“Massive talent all around.” John Collinge, Progression Magazine
“…he is not only an incredible mallet player but also a first rate drummer!” Steve Roberts,

From his biography at AllMusic

Though his talent as a percussionist was immediately evident, the real story of Marc Wagnon’s success is one of a series of fortunate encounters with equally prodigious artists. Born in Lausanne, Switzerland, his early musical tastes focused on progressive rock bands like King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Yes and Genesis. He was also impressed with the fusion sounds of Miles Davis and the Mahavishnu Orchestra. It was a Gary Burton concert, though, which helped him focus his desire to become a musician — he was impressed with Burton’s technique, creativity and flexibility on the vibraphone. Soon after seeing that influential performance he would enter the Geneva Conservatory to study classical percussion, including the vibraphone, which would become his instrument of choice.


The five years that Wagnon spent at the Geneva Conservatory was supplemented by a year at the Berklee School of Music in Boston. Though his time there was short, it produced several relationships which would later prove helpful. At Berklee Wagnon met Dave Douglas, whose improvisational skills were an inspiration to Wagnon; he also met Dave Kikowski, who would become his consistent collaborator. Read on

I listened to a few tracks this morning from his 2010 release Earth is a Cruel Master and really liked what I heard and will certainly listen to the whole album and more!!! So check him out here’s a little about Earth is a Cruel Master from AllMusic….

Earth is a Cruel Mistress

Mark Wagnon comes from the world of rock and funk rather than straight-ahead jazz, making this contemporary fusion effort unique unto itself. Overdubbing drums, percussion, and keyboards alongside his ever-present vibraphone, Wagnon adds a spacy feeling to these original compositions, along with a beat-driven pulse. Guitarist Van Manakas, himself no stranger to commercial product, gives good account of himself as a team player or improviser when the need for it is called. While not formulaic in the strictest sense, there’s good common sense employed, with a darker edge and muscular rhythms that allow Manakas and Wagnon freedom to produce a bigger sound. Where “Embarquement” is in a slowed funk with Manakas stepping up, Continue reading

So let’s go “Into the Night as I go off to Target once again, with Marc and a song from Earth is a Cruel Master the aforementioned “Embarquement”