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Today in Music – October 17, 1976 – Happy Birthday, Gary Tu!

Gary TuAmong the Jazz Artist who are celebrating their birthday’s today is jazz guitarist Gary Tu, who was born on this date in 1976 and since I was married and living in student housing at that time. I am old enough to e his father and he would e my oldest son and Nick (my oldest son) would be his younger brother by three years! Not that it matters at all to you the reader, but it puts Gary in perspective for me!!

Gary is originally from Taipei, Taiwan and now lives  in Chicago, His current release is Last Turn released in 2007 Lyle Robinson at  writes this about the album:

Gary Tu has established himself as a young up and coming Jazz Guitarist who has the skills and determination to continue on this path for many years to come. His first release, Look East, is a prominent debut of nine tunes featuring five well-crafted original compositions and four time-honored classics from highly recognized artists: Steve Swallow, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins and Frank Foster….


….While I like all the tunes on this CD there is one that I listen to over and over again: “The Road To The Sky”. This is a bright and upbeat tune with an electric solid-body sound that somewhat reminds me of Motown for some reason. The tune is way catchy with a strong melody that hits all the right buttons for me. He also introduces the use of a guitar synth, providing a worthy of note similarity to “you know who” which works given the context of the tune. This is definitely a radio friendly vehicle and a tune I would love to see live.

I would definitely recommend this CD to anyone who enjoys well written tunes and quality playing and I look forward to hearing more from Gary Tu. Continue Reading 

At All About Jazz I read that…..

Gary Tu is a talented young jazz guitarist, whose style reminds one of a Wes Montgomery! (sans the octave doubling) with just a dash of Metheny. On “Look East,” the artist displays his guitar, composition and arrangement talents in a trio setting with drummer Andre Beasley and Bassist Kurt Schweitz – and it is a quite engaging set that is the end result.Intriguingly divided into a first half of original tunes and a second half of jazz classics, “Look East” allows plenty of opportunity for Tu to display his graceful, mostly-uneffected single string charms…. Continue Reading

Look EastNow the plan was that I would listen to Look East this morning and tell you more about it at lunch, which is now! But what is it they say about the best laid plans!! I do hope that I can listen this afternoon, while I finish up some things.

But until then here’s the Gary Tu Trio performing Sonny Rollins’ “Airegin” at a very noisy eatery!