FreeWheelin' Music Safari

“Into the Morning” with thoughts about John Prine, Steve Goodman, David Bromberg and Brother Jack McDuff??

Steve Goodman and John PrineAs I was straightening sugar and flour in the baking aisle at Target tonight, the “jukebox in my head” started playing Steve Goodman’s “City of New Orléans” and I was singin’ along and hoping that I was singing softly enough, so that no one could hear me!! After that Steve’s “Turnpike Tom” came on. I love that song!

On the way home, I started think why Steve Goodman? I guess that was a logical trip for my train of thought (wait the City of New Orléans is a train???) to go from John Prine’s birthday and thinking about John’s first album to Steve Goodman …it’s not a long trip!!!……

Then I put the iPhone music on shuffle and first up came the folkie music of Jefferson Ross, and then the folk blues of David Bromberg. After David, the music got real, real rootsy with The Howlin’ Brothers.They are close to being too old timey even for me, but the more the song went on the more I thought hey, this is not bad….. next came the organ sounds of Brother Jack McDuff and I thought one of these things is not like the others!!! Maybe it doesn’t belong here, but then I thought back to the horns and the almost New Orleans jazz sound of the Bromberg song and I thought hey, the music of the two songs aren’t that much different!!  Blues+Folk+Jazz = Americana!!!

But let’s get back to Steve and end this ramble, can you guess that I’m tired??? So it’s the morning on the east coast – let’s go into it with “Turnpike Tom” and remember you only fall for lies and stories when????