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Life’s Soundtrack – Anders Osborne helps keep my Pace Up and the Effort Down with Peace!!

Anders OsborneWell I proved tonight that Tuesday’s run was not just a result of having four days off!! I went into tonight’s run not expecting or really wanting to run as hard as I did on Tuesday! I had convinced myself that all I wanted to do was have a nice easy run. As I set out with those that thought in mind head and the music of Anders Osborne in my ears, I found myself holding a steady pace that was just under 10 minutes/mile and at times going down to 9:30 /mile. So I said ok let’s just let it roll and see where it ends up. Well it ended up again averaging under a 10 min/mile and only 2 seconds per mile slower than Tuesday run with an average pace of 9:53 per mile. So while I’m still not exactly where I want to be, I am running a lot faster and easier than I was back in August!! PeaceThe music of Anders Osborne that was in my ears and the soundtrack of the run was his new release Peace. The album sits at number 4 on the Roots Music Report Roots Rock Chart, rising from number 25 last week. The first Anders Osborne album that became a part of my library was his 2010 release American Patchwork which I thought was terrific. That was followed into my collection by 2012’s Black-Eyed Galaxy, which was almost as good. Now comes Peace and I think this one’s as good as American Patchwork. While I liked it on my run, I enjoyed it even more listening to it a second time earlier tonight! So I can’t wait until I get to listen a few more times. After listening to and thinking about the personal struggles that form the foundation of his songwriting, I understand why…..

Guitar Player calls him “the poet laureate of Louisiana’s fertile roots music scene.” New Orleans’ Gambit Weekly recently honored Osborne as the Entertainer Of The Year. OffBeat named him the Crescent City’s Best Guitarist for the third year in a row, and the Best Songwriter for the second straight year.Osborne also won Song Of The Year for his composition, Louisiana Gold

Here’s a little more about Peace from Anders’ website….

…. Osborne delivers the next chapter of his spiritual odyssey, Peace. With the new CD, Osborne continues the journey started by American Patchwork and Black Eye Galaxy, emerging from a whirlwind of emotional chaos and moving toward a sense of inner peace. Recorded at Dockside Studios in Louisiana and produced by Osborne and Warren Riker, Peace looks at the title subject from all angles. Drawing strength and inspiration from his family and friends, Osborne created the most observational record of his career. According to Osborne, “Peace is light from darkness. The songs are written from the outside looking in. They are not making any judgments. I’m just stating facts. I’m writing from a brighter perspective. There’s less dusk and dark, and much more sunlight. The results are greater than I expected. The driving tones and sounds are free and natural. This is one of the coolest records I’ve ever made.” Read More

So if you have already heard Anders,  I think you’ll agreement with him when he says that this is one cool record, and if you haven’t heard his music yet check him out!!! For those who haven’t heard “Peace” yet, the title track from the album, here’s Anders with a solo performance of the song…..and for those who have it gets better, and better with each listen, doesn’t it!!.