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Today in Music – 1974 – Happy Birthday – jazz/blues organist Mauri Sanchis – Part 1!

Mauri Sanchis

As I looked down a list of musicians  that were born on this date there were no names that I recognized. So I just picked one that was interesting to investigate, the pick was Mauri Sanchis born in Alcoy, Spain on this date in 1974 (a quick geography lesson for the geography geek in me.)

Alcoy (Spanish: [alˈkoi]) or Alcoi (Valencian: [aɫˈkɔj]) is a city and municipality located in the province of Alicante, Spain. The Serpisriver crosses the municipal boundary of Alcoi. The local authority reported 61,417 residents in 2010,[1] of whom 5,334 were of non-Spanish origin.[2] Read More

 Back to Mauri Sanchis at All About Jazz I discovered that Mauri has played or recorded together with great stars like Bill Evans, Dean Brown, Joey DeFrancesco, Popa Chubby, Frank Marino, Vargas Blues Band or Devon Allman among others.

Ok the names in bold above all appear in my music library, so there may be a chance that somewhere along the line I have heard Mauri’s Hammond B3! Also went  to MOG there I found several albums including, the Mauri Sanchis Modern Organ Trio 2011 release What DID You Expect. Hum, I think that album just may get a listen this AM . Hey it’s only right on Mauri’s Birthday!!

Now I could play some Popa Chubby or Devon Allman, but how about we kick off the music with some blues from the Vargas Blues Band. I discovered this blues band from Spain a while back, good stuff!

 Here’s a live performance of “Back Alley Blues” from the band!