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“Into the Night” with more Canadian Music! – Some Blues from Steve Strongman!!!

Steve Strongman

I tried to get this post written before I went for my run, but that didn’t happen! So I will try to finish it while I’m cooling down, if I can keep the sweat out of my eyes long enough and my fingers can hit the right keys! (writer pauses to wipe sweat out of his eyes}

Last night, as I was researching the Supercrawl in Hamilton, I saw that one of the performers was Blues guitarist Steve Strongman and I thought I remember him I listened to him about a year ago and one of his albums is on the iPod! So this afternoon I listened to the album Blues in Colour and remembered how much I liked his music. For those of you who don’t know Steve….from Wikipedia….

Steve Strongman is a Canadian blues guitarist, singer and songwriter originally from Kitchener, Ontario. He has released three full length blues albums, Honey and Blues in Colour and A Natural Fact.

You know never did get to listen to A Natural Fact. I will have to look for it!! But back to Steve and his fine music…. from his website:



Steve Strongman’s CD “A Natural Fact” continues to garner accolades and rave reviews, with the latest recognition coming via the International Songwriting Competition. “Leaving”, written by Steve Strongman and producer Rob Szabo, features multiple Maple Blues award winner Suzie Vinnick singing with Strongman.
“When I wrote this song, I knew that I wanted it to be a duet right away, and I’m really pleased with the way that it turned out.”

Strongman also won the SOCAN sponsored Maple Blues Award for Songwriter of the Year. Continue Reading 

I’m all cooled down now and ready to take a shower, so let’s gp “into the night” with Steve’s “Mean to Me” from his “Live at the Barn” DVD!!!