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Night Owl Music: The Trip from The Folk Sinner to Sonny Landreth’s “Z Rider”

Sonny Landreth

Ok so Sonny Landreth is one of those musicians whose music is included in my library, but gets lost in the midst of the 18,000 plus tracks  on my iPod! But yesterday, when I paid a visit to YouTube and watched the video that closes this post. I was blown away by Landreth’s slide playing!! Words like you “doofus” and “idiot” came to the forefront of my mind, as I castigated myself for not listening to more of Sonny;s music!! You maybe asking yourself, now., how did he get around to listening to Sonny Landreth yesterday?? Wasn’t he listening to Lee Harvey Osmond’s The Folk Sinner???? Well, even if you didn’t pose that question to yourself, I’m going to tell you the answer anyway!!

After listening to Lee Harvey Osmond yesterday, I went to their website. On the band’s home page, there was information concerning the artists who would be joining Tom Wilson (Lee Harvey Osmond) for Supercrawl 2013 in Hamilton, Ontario on Sept 13 and 14. The list of artist Wilson was bringing with him to the party included: Amy Helm,(Levon’s daughter, Matt Andersen, , singer, songwriter, harp player  bluesman Paul Reddick(wait bluesman??? Didn’t I see his name on the Roots Music Charts a while back?? I think so) Oh Susanna, Michael Timmins a founding member of the Cowboy Junkies, and the producer for both LeE HaRVEY OsMOND albums and Colin Linden. Colin Linden there’s another musician lost in my music library!! My  first stop was at Wikipedia where I read,,,,

Colin Linden

Colin Linden (born 16 April 1960) is a Canadian musician, songwriter and record producer. He has worked with a wide variety of artists including Bruce Cockburn, Lucinda Williams, T-Bone Burnett, Colin James, Leon Redbone, Rita Chiarelli, Chris Thomas King, The Band, and Bob Dylan.
Linden is a very versatile guitarist, both on acoustic and electric guitars, specializing in slide guitar and country blues and Ragtime fingerpicking. He frequently collaborates with country and folk performers.[1] He is also a member, with Stephen Fearing and Tom Wilson, of the group Blackie and the Rodeo Kings. Read More

So there’s the connection between Colin and Tom.  My second stop was at YouTube, where I watched Colin Linden play some mean slide guitar, but now tonight I can’t remember the song! Wait!! I think I  remember.!! The song was “From the Water”! and the video was from The CBC Slide Guitar Summit!! From the video;s description at YouTube…..

The CBC Slide Guitar Summit brought together some of North America’s finest blues slide guitar players including Sonny Landreth, Colin Linden and Steve Dawson.

Hailing from Lafayette LA, Nashville TN, and Vancouver BC, these artists each brought a different sonic perspective to a show recorded in front of a live audience at the 2013 CBC Toque Sessions in Vancouver. The songs, mostly originals with a couple of choice covers, included the 1959 chart topper, “Sleep Walk” by Santo and Johnny.


While I was on the page watching the Colin Linden video, I saw another video on the sidebar: ‘Z Rider’ by Sonny Landreth, Colin Linden and Steve Dawson.that looked interesting, so I watched it and came away really, really impressed by Landreth;s playing!!! See that’s why he’s in my library!  And now you know how I traveled from The Folk Sinner, Tom Wilson to Sonny Landreth – not that you care – I can hear you now – just let us watch and listen to the music – or not!!! Well here it is!