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Life’s Soundtrack – A Strong Birthday Run with Lee Harvey Osmond!

Me my Duck

happy birthday to my husband Edward Karn…the kindest and best person I know

So I mention it this morning that today is my 62nd birthday. The first thing that I’d like to do tonight is thank everyone on Facebook who wished me a Happy Birthday! That thank you is also extended to all my children (and the two special people who refer to me as Papa Karn)  and of course my wife whose birthday wish and the picture she posted with it on Facebook are shown above! Among my Facebook friends, are a few friends whose friendship goes back, uh,well over 50 years! So thank you all!!!

The day was pretty uneventful and that;s not a bad thing, In the late morning and much of the afternoon I was pretty whacked out, as I tried to create a plan for a Waterfront Development project that is under review at NJDEP. The plan needs to show existing and proposed conditions and show that the project meets the requirements for approval. It seems that everything I do on this particular project goes slightly wrong!  But it was a nice day and I was anticipating my after work four mile run!!

I get enjoyment, (mostly after finishing), from running on my birthday! Kinda like saying “Take that old age, I still can do it! – only just a little slower!”  I had hoped to maybe run a couple of miles under 10 minute per mile pace and then maybe somehow finish the whole run in under 40 minutes!! Here are the splits  compared to 1996 – 45 years old vs 62 yrs old!!

2013 – 1- 10:05, 2 – 20:13, 3 – 30:20 4 – 40:30  total  40:30

1996 – 1 – 8:07   2 – 16:20  3  – 24:??  4 – 32:50 total 32:50

I don;t think that’s too bad at all!!  The other positive is that I only really started running again near the middle of August and the first time I ran the course I ran today my time was 43:31 for 4 miles. then on the 19th – 40:53…… so there is big improvement over the month of September. Now I just have to keep it up, so the time can go down!!The Folk SinnerThe soundtrack for the run was the latest release from the group Lee Harvey Osmond The Folk Sinner. When I saw the title I couldn’t pass it up! I listened to the first song for about  30 seconds it passed the test and went on the iPhoneLee Harvey Osmond

Lee Harvey Osmond, stylized as LeE HARVeY OsMOND, is a Canadian psychedelic folk band, whose core member is musician Tom Wilson.[1]


The band first took shape as a collaboration between Wilson, Michael Timmins of Cowboy Junkies and Josh Finlayson of Skydiggers, who wrote, recorded and released the band’s debut album, A Quiet Evil, in 2009 on Latent Recordings. Margo Timmins, Andy Maize and Suzie Vinnick also contributed to the album.[2] The band’s current touring configuration consists of Wilson on lead vocals and guitar, Aaron Goldstein on guitar and pedal steel (who also contributed to A Quiet Evil), Cam Malcolm on bass guitar, Brent Titcomb on percussion and vocals and Ray Farrugia on drums.[Read More

I was doing a good job remembering the songs that I heard throughout the first three miles of the run, and then came the last mile and I think that the last mile and lack of oxygen just wipes out the memories of the music! Like waking up in the middle of a dream and knowing for sure that you’ll remember the dream in the morning. Then in the morning, you don’t have a clue about the dream!! What you’ve never experienced that??? I do know that I liked the album and it finished just a few minutes after I was through with the run!!

Here’s Tom Wilson from  LeE HARVeY OsMOND with “Devil’s Load” from The Folk Sinner”, and I’m off to Amazon to see how I can use my gift certificate from my son Nick!