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Life’s Soundtrack – Another encouraging run aided by Thought Chamber’s Angular Perceptions

Angular PerceptionsSo I am considering a new rule that all run soundtracks should be progressive rock albums! Well maybe not each run, but at least the tempo runs! I was going to run last night, but I spent most of the day trudging around farm fields and woods in Mansfield Township looking for wetland flags and when I came home I just didn’t feel up to it. I went back to the same site today and finished up, but I was able to move the truck a little closer to where I needed to locate the wetland flags and as a result I was not as tired tonight and I was able to run. And run I did, it was a nice cool night and I was under 20 minutes for the first two miles. Then I was able to hold on fairly well, finishing the 4 mile run with an average pace of about 10:12 per mile! That was a slightly faster pace than my last run. Overall I am encouraged by the improvement, a lot of which is due to the cooler weather!! I guess it’s about time to add some intervals on the track to my work out schedule!! So Angular Perceptions, the 2007 release from an American progressive rock/metal band Thought Chamber  was the soundtrack of the run. Thought Chamber formed in 2006 after guitarist/composer Michael Harris teamed up with Ted Leonard. who was the lead singer for the band Enchant. (My son Nick pointed out that Leonard is now also the lead singer for Spock’s Beard!) Angular Perceptions, was the result of their union and the album with showered with critical acclaim landing it a spot on Mike Portnoy’s list of top 20 albums of the year!! The band’s follow-up album Psykerion is due to be released next Tuesday Sept 30th!! The current line-up for the band includes: Ted Leonard – vocals Michael Harris – guitars, keyboards, vocals Mike Haid – drums Jeff Plant – bass Bill Jenkins – keyboards After listening to Michael Harris’ great guitar work coupled with his skills as a composer with Thought Chamber, I do believe I will be exploring his solo work’s discography!! Now the reason that Prog Rock is good for running is that it prog rock usually incorporates many tempo changes, fast to slow and back again.So I find myself during the run, speeding up and slowing down  with the music.I really do think that I will to explore Prog during my runs and I already know an album that may be on the iPhone for next Tuesday or Wednesday’s run!! Can you guess which one it is???? Here’s track number two  “Sacred Treasure”  from Angular Perceptions! I am listening to this video as I type, and you know the other cool?? thing about Prog Rock, headphones, and running is that first the music is in my left ear, then the right, before settling in the middle!!