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Lunchtime Music – John Gorka – “People My Age” Oh My!

John GorkaOk so on Wednesday, my wife moved closer to that magical life milepost the big 60! I won’t say how close she is because if I did she’d say “Well, I’ll still never be older than you!” And she’s right because as you may know, I passed that mile post a couple of years ago! Anyway over the last couple of weeks I keep flashing back to the folksingers that I have loved over the years. This morning I remembered the said passing of Steve Goodman and on this date but in 1973, Jim Croce died in that tragic plane crash.

So with all this downer stuff coming at me, I thought of an artist who usually makes me smile with many of his songs – John Gorka. So I went to YouTube to look for a song from John. Let’s see there’s “I’m From New Jersey” – with the truthful line… I’m from New Jersey, we don’t expect much,,,” Then there’s “The Gypsy Life” which opens with a line that my wife says suits me well ….”There is nothing in my head today….”, how about “There’s “Stranger in My Driver’s Seat

Well then I saw it maybe not a pick me up song, but one that kinda fits the week “People My Age” He was born in 1958, ah a youngster! Anyway it turned out to be a pretty funny video…..”Spambassadors??” LOL! Here it is!