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2013 Blues from Phil Gates – Live at the Hermosa Saloon

Phil GatesSo this afternoon I listened to some blues from Phil Gates and his band. I had put their new album Live at the Hermosa Saloon on the iPhone the other day and never had a chance to listen to it! Boy did I like what I heard! I’m off to work at Target tonight, and will listen on the way there and back, and can tell you more about the album tomorrow!! Here’s some background from Phil’s website:

Phil Gates was born in Chicago Ill., into a family of musicians that helped form his music style, and ability. Phil began playing musical instruments at the age of eight, and listening to a wide array of music has always been his main source of inspiration. Phil has played venues from small clubs, to the U.S. Air Force’s “Tops in Blue” World Tour, which performed in sixteen countries as well as the halftime show of the NFL Superbowl.


Phil Gates performs at many of the best Los Angeles Blues Clubs with his band, “The Phil Gates Band”. Also, the band was featured for five consecutive years on Hornblower Crusies “Friday Night Blues Dinner Cruise”. This event started in April 2007 for the summer, and because of the success, and usually sold out shows, Phil’s contract got extended through 2012. Phil’s style is reminiscent of the early high energy Buddy Guy, mixed with a special blend of flavors from Jazz, Fusion, New Orleans, and the Chicago, Delta, and Mississippi Blues styles.


The Phil Gates Band won the “Beale Street Blues Kings” Competition in Memphis, and competed in the Blues Foundation’s International Blues Challenge. Read More

Here’s a taste of Phil’s work! Can anyone tell what I like most about the band!!