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Life’s Soundtrack – Another Strong Run with Prog Rock from Sweden’s Cloudscape!

CloudspaceSo while I’m not where I want to be yet, tonight’s run was the first time in a long while that I felt strong through the whole run. The four miles seemed to fly by pretty quickly!! The splits went like this: Mile 1 – 10:01, 2- 10:17, 3, 10:15, 4 10:20 not bad at all! Early in the month, the last two miles were like a 1 minute or so per mile slower than the first two miles. Overall, I was about 1:38 faster than the last time I ran this course!!

The soundtrack for the run was some Progressive Metal from Cloudscape a band that hails from. Sweden. From Wikipedia:

Cloudscape (formerly known as “Doctor Weird” until 2001) is a progressive metal band from Helsingborg, Sweden. Since formation the band have gone on to play at renowned festivals such as ProgPower Europe in 2005, Sweden Rock Festival in 2006, ProgPower UK in 2007, and Bloodstock Open Air in 2008. So far they have released 3 full length albums, and 4 videos (two of them promoting songs from their latest release “Global Drama”) Read More

The album that I listened to, no I really didn’t listen to it, it was more like just on in the background, was the band’s 2012 release New Era. Since I didn’t  or maybe couldn’t listen to the album.  I’ll let J-Man, a reviewer at ProgArchives tell you about the album….

.Sweden’s Cloudscape has been around for a little over a decade now, but it wasn’t until 2012’s New Era that I actually discovered their music – and if their backcatalog is anywhere up to par with this album, I’ve sure been missing out! New Era is the band’s fourth full-length, and although it is often labeled as a progressive metal release, I’d be more willing to call it a sophisticated melodic metal observation. That is to say that Cloudscape’s first intention is to create catchy riffs and powerful choruses, but their compositions contain a level of eclecticism and complexity that should appeal to fans of more progressive music. Read More

Overall, I liked my run and the music, although I really will have to listen to the album again when, I can concentrate on the music and not my pace and heart rate! So here’s the second track on the album “Share Your Energy: