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Lunchtime Music – Some Native American Flute from Douglas Spotted Eagle!

Douglas Spotted EagleSo this morning I was  doing a lot of calculations and trying to interpret NJDEP regulations. Therefore, I needed music to keep me focused and calm so that I didn’t pull out what little remaining hair I have!! I turned to the New Age genre and heard music from R Carlos Nakai, Mary Youngblood, illy McLaughlin, and Adrian Legg to name a few. Among the artist was another artist whose specialty is Native American Flute Douglas Spotted Eagle From Wikipedia:

Douglas Spotted Eagle, is a Grammy-winning musician, noted for his live and recorded performances on the traditional Native American flute, sometimes accompanied by either traditional Navajo (Diné) singers and instrumentalists or a modern band. He is listed in The Native American Almanac as a flutist who does traditional and new age music,[2] and in World Music By Richard Nidel as a flutist and film composer “who incorporates synthesizers into Native sounds.”[3] He is also a lecturer and publisher of instructional books and DVDs for music and video computer software Read More

So here’s some lunchtime music, have a relaxing afternoon!!!

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